2008 Tour Dates

Tiffany Apan’s "A Poet’s Labyrinth" 2008 Tour Dates (more dates may be added)

Borders Books, Music, and Café  Pittsburgh(North Hills), PA 1/18/08

Borders Books, Music, and CaféPittsburgh(EastSide),PA  1/25/08 

Arabica CoffeehouseCanton, OH  2/9/08

The Art Center* Butler, PA  2/22/08

Barking Spider Tavern Cleveland, OH 3/22/08

Club Diablo  Buffalo, NY 3/29/08

Sonnets CafeWadsworth, OH 4/5/08

Java City at Helm LibraryBowling Green, KY4/23/08

MugshotzBowling Green, KY4/23/08 

Carnegie Music Hall

(with Persephone’s Dream) Munhall, PA 5/10/08

Comfort InnWarren, OH 5/25/08

Muddy Cup Coffeehouse Albany, NY  6/14/08

*may be a taped performance.

Poet album meet n greet/CD signings/promotional appearances:

Borders Books, Music, and Café(after concert)   Pittsburgh, PA1/18/08

Borders Books, Music, and Café(after concert)   East Pittsburgh, PA  1/25/08

Crown PlazaHotel CherryHill,NJ3/15,16/08

ComfortInn Warren,OH  5/23,24,25/08

All dates are subject to change including postponing, canceling, or adding new show dates.

More tour info is in my concerts section on my myspace page:)

Hi everyone!

Well, those are my tour dates and yes I went a step furthur and named the tour "A Poet’s Labyrinth." 😀 I was originally going to do the tour in two halves (this would have been the first half), but plans for that have changed a little.  I will also be spending 2008 not only writing and recording my second album (which is tenatively slated for a late summer of 2009 release with a 2010 tour) but I plan to be releasing two EPs: one will be a Celtic EP of songs that didn’t make it on Poet and the other will be a Remix EP.  Release dates for these EPs will be posted as I get an idea of time frames and such.  I may be adding one or two more tour dates.  But for those of you whose city/state/country I cannot make it to, we plan to make one of the concerts a taped show that will be broadcast live on the internet throughout the world as well as a concert DVD!  We’ll let you know for sure which date that is although we do have one tenatively set. Jason is also working on his solo album once we have released Poet.  We plan to begin taping the music videos for the featured songs on Poet in late winter/early spring.  We all have many cool ideas:D  As for performing during the last half of 2008, we will do shows but they will not be the Poet’s Labyrinth Tour.  These will be shows that will not only promote Poet, but my new EPs.  I may even showcase a song or two from my second full length album and give you a little sneak peak of what’s to come:)  We do hope to cover much more ground when we tour for my second album and I also hope to obtain a way to be able to do some ‘cirque de soliel-esque’ flying in my shows:)

We began working with Rowen Poole of the internationally acclaimed prog rock band, Persephone’s Dream.  He is helping us with the completion of Poet and will be assisting Jason with his solo album and me on my second album.  He is working on remixing the Ghost Nether Realm Remix.  So depending on what he does with it (whether he’ll just clean up what we have or come up with a completely different version), there just may be three versions of Ghost on Poet!  We’re also doing the last of some of the vocals in his beautiful studio and we will be priveleged to share the stage with them on May 10 at Carnegie Music Hall in Munhall, PA during my tour.  Rowen is also giving us great tips on putting together our stage show.  Check out Persephone’s Dream at http://www.persephonesdream.net or http://www.myspace.com/persephonedream

As for our stage show, we are going for simple yet atmospheric.  We will more than likely have to do two versions of the show one of them being slightly modified (as I don’t think fog machines would be very feasible for Borders).

I will also have a few meet n greets/promo appearances/CD signings.  One of these will be held in May at the (haunted) Comfort Inn in Warren, OH.  It will take place at the Eerie Frequency Sci-Fi/Horror Convention.  This will be a big weekend as it will not only be a meet n greet with me, but I will also have a Poet’s Labyrinth concert along with premiere screenings of three short films I am in.  These films will be put onto DVD by Silver Springs Drive In Productions.  One is "Monster’s Night," another is "Home Invasion" (think The Others meets Home Alone) and another is an original supernatural short by Jason (I will be doing voiceovers in this one)!  Speaking of films, "Heavy Mental" is set for a spring of 2008 release (I have a fun cameo as a deranged news reporter:D).  Fall of 2008 will bring the release of a documentary based on Deadpit Radio that will feature an interview with me.  Other featured interviews include Dee Snyder, PJ Soles, Debbie Rochon, Lloyd Kaufman, Tony Moran, Leonard Lies, and many others.  I will also be finishing the horror/historical/drama film "Winslow Asylum" and have a supporting role in the X files inspired film ‘The Pesque Isles.’

Well, that is a little outline of what is to come in 2008.  I will be sure to keep you all posted!

Have a wonderful evening!