Anger – The Venom That Kills

Anger is one of the deadliest of negative human emotions. Whether it is a sudden fit of fury or seething anger, there is simply no escape from its devastating consequences. Anger destroys a person mentally and physically.

It is Written in Srimad Bhagavad Gita:

"Krodhat bhavati Sammoha, …

Sammohat Smriti Vibhramah,

Smriti bhransat  budhinasho

Budhinashat Pranashyati”


Which means- From anger comes delusion – delusion in turn leads to loss of memory – loss of memory leads to loss of reason (error in judgment) And ultimately loss of reason (lack of discrimination) ruins a person.

It is really an absolute necessity for all of us to learn how to conquer anger if we need to have good health, longevity and success in life. But, getting over a negative emotion like anger is not easy. It requires self-discipline and also self-analysis. The first step is to find out the cause of anger and eliminate it from one’s mind. And then the other negative emotions and impulses like jealousy, greed, hatred, pride etc. which beget anger need to be controlled. According to Swami Sivananda

“Control of anger is really control of mind … when anger assumes a grave form, it becomes difficult to control. It should therefore, be controlled even when it is in the form of a small ripple in the subconscious mind.”

When there is a little irritability, stop all conversation and observe Mouna (silence). Practice of Mouna daily for one or two hours is of great help in controlling anger.

If you find it difficult to control anger, leave the place at once and take a brisk walk. Drink some cold water immediately. This cools down the body and mind. Chant ‘Om’ like a lion for ten minutes and then ‘Om Shanti’ mentally or verbally for five minutes."

Anger is a dark power which can get a person completely brain-dead. It secretes poison in the body which is worse than snake venom and can be fatal. It also vitiates the atmosphere and spreads like an epidemic. One needs determination to control it.

Anger subsides when one thinks deeply about its dreadful consequences. Examples of which one gets to see around us often leading to the progressive deprivation of culture and lack of spirituality.