Eygptian Religion-Practices And Beliefs By R.A . Waldron Aka Egyptian Vodoo Priest

It has been my personal experience that many people seek wisdom through the teachings of the ancient Egyptians but most come away without a practical understanding of the religion. They are many reasons for this, one is the language and cultural barrier of these ancient people, two is the translators of the doctrinal text knew it was a system for initiates only, three is most of the so called experts on the subject matter are usually not priest of any spiritual system. This and many other reasons have left many sincere students of the subject matter frustrated and more confused.

When I began my true studies of the subject matter after realizing that I knew nothing about it, I was fortunate enough to have some contact with angelic beings and ancestors who understood the subject matter. Though it was impractical to dictate it to me word for word, they however pointed me in a good direction which allowed me to understand the subject deeply and retain the information thoroughly. Most of what Ancient Egypt has to offer is not a secret, if we study Gerald Massey he makes a great comment by saying “This is an attempt to rewrite the wisdom of the ancients in a new language,” though he was referring to Christianity I realized it also pertained to Science, this science is chemistry, biology ,Physics, quantum theory etc. Every process that takes place in our physical body takes place in the universe and we are the microcosm thereof. Once you connect these biological and chemical processes to the Egyptian Deities you will crack the code to understanding their view of spirituality. So without being able to thoroughly explain their religious doctrine in one blog I will share some of my valued insights.

The Egyptian cosmology centers on the evolution of conscious from a state of chaos to order and culminates with the expression of universal divine love. It focuses on what is expected of Humanity and how we integrate our evolution into a system that requires contact with the various angelic deities they call Neteru. The system integrates health and healing by incorporating “shamanic” initiation so that we can grow an evolve to express love, these basic initiations could be conducted on the general population but were also mandatory for all priests. As consciousness is the center of this all, mental, physical and spiritual well being are required to allow consciousness to evolve. However the Egyptians also had an initiation system for higher initiates. I have been told numerous times and even shown by my ancestors that these practices for the higher initiates have survived in the Vodoo tradition, that is part of the reason why I was initiated into that tradition; however it is a secret tradition.

This divine love that we are expected to express can be mirrored in earthly life through certain institutions like the Monarchy. Both the King and Queen represented this divine love in a metaphorical way and practical way, they were expected to sacrifice their life for the people. For the Queen this was demonstrated through the vulture head dress, a vulture would eat of its own flesh to ensure that its children are fed; that is love through sacrifice. The king was expected to fight on the front lines during battle, he was expected to lay his life on the line to ensure the survival of the nation; once again that is an expression of love.

Furthermore in their practical understanding of Neter/Deity as a being with wisdom and power, the High initiate of the Ausar system could expect to receive a certain amount of wisdom and power during and after initiation, how this wisdom and power were used determined how much more wisdom and power the initiate would receive. This integrates into maturity, if you can use wisdom and power to assist other people and not abuse it, it is a sign that you are mature or that you are maturing. This is the Ausar, and Atum initiation system that survives in the Vodoo tradition of Haiti today. This relates to their understanding that mankind both male and female was expected to evolve into a Neter, we are the children of the Neteru/Deities and hence are destined to become a Neter/Deity.

The ancient Egyptians thoroughly understood the role our senses and emotions played in being able to express love. It was coded in magical talismans like the Utchat-aya-khu and the Ankh symbol. Both of these symbols have a special relationship to full spectrum consciousness and to mental stability. Furthermore their Egyptian system is the direct source of the Sumerian kabalistic doctrine. One does not have to look to hard to find direct correspondences to the kabalistic tree of life in ancient Egypt, furthermore occultist throughout the centuries have always affirmed that Egyptian kabala is the best kabala.

To surmise, the Egyptian religion and Doctrine is a deeply layered and coded system for initiation into becoming a Neter, that Neter is Ausar who is expected to express a variety of divine attributes which is the feminine side of Deity who owns the strongest expression of Love. The evolution of consciousness unfolded life time after lifetime through initiation and a rising through the ranks of their civilization, for this very reason the stability of the nation had to endure for thousands of years. In these modern times where there is so much instability and the mystery schools though not closed survive in such an unstable environment, there is no wonder that so many souls look towards this great nation. Subconsciously we all know truth on an instinctual level and though the Yi-Ching says everything serves to further, we are charged with the task as priest and spiritual people to a return of stability at least within our own nation states so that the evolution of humanity can continue, even if it happens one human at a time.

It is a comprehensive overview of the cosmology and religion of the ancient egyptians 512 pages front to back 6 by 9.