I Am Creation

Riding A Tide In Early Morning

I Am The Wind And Sun.

On The Green Grass Lawn In A Country Yard,

I Am The Dew.

I Am Wind, I Am Sun,

I Am The Water Of Life.

I Feed The Lonely Creatures That Live Upon This Lonely Planet.

A Berry Bush In Mountains High.

A Summer Flower In Green Meadows.

The Cows Velvet Carpet And The Milk Of Loving Cud.

I Am The Song Of The Wind As It Rises High Through The
Tallest Of Trees Of The World .

I Am The Violent, Peaceful, Changing Rivers

That Cover This
Earth In A Glorious Pattern Of Branches And Roots,

Connecting The Bonds Between Water And Land .
The Islands Of The Mysterious Ocean,

The Tears Of The Sky;

The Thunder Of The Universe

The Miracles Of Nature,

The Colors Of Sky And Land

I Am Rich Brown Earth Mixing With The Elements

I Am The Fire That Burns With In Creation,

Not By Man Made Hands

But Mother Nature’s Spirit

Many Have Mistaken My Identity

I Have None

I Am A Breath,

A Fog,

A Swamp Vapour.

I Am A Changing Existence,

A Fiery Soul

I Am A Being Unlike Any Form Of Life.

A Ghost,

A Phantom,

A Bird And Animal With The Eyes Of Man.

Aware With The Love That Man Has Destroyed.

With The Wings Of An Angel Bird Sprinkled

With Blue And Pomegranate Gold.

Like You See The Windows Of A Church

Yet Light As The Butterfly’s Wing.

I Have No Hands,

I Have No Feet.

My Soul Is The Universe,

All The Beauty, The Wonder And Expectation.

My Soul Can Reach Like A Thousand Hands,

I Travel At The Speed Of Thought.

Iam Inside You,

Deep With In Your Being

I Am With One And All

Alone Or Apart

Let Your Light Shine And I Will Come Into Your

Bones And Boil Your Blood.

I Am Passion….

I Am Love

Fly And I Will Fly With You

Laugh And I Will Purge Form Your Belly.

Though I Will Never Come If You Cry

I Am Always With You To Dry Your Hate,

Your Sadness,

Your Hurt To Make It Blow Away As Dust Upon The Ground.

But You Must Want Me

Feel And Caress My Being In Your Soul.

You Shall Feel Me When You Love Your Self Through Others.

I Am You.

I Am All Dogs All Snakes Nothing Is Evil

Only Man Has Corrupted Love
Trodden On The Silk
Patterns Of Life’s Giant Cloth.

I Am All Of You

I Shall Come Again And Again,

For I Am Endless.

Believe In Me….

Make Love To Me With Your Soul

I Am The Feeling One Feels After One Has Said Goodbye,

The Feeling Of Hope,

The Feeling Of Resurrecting The Dying
Embers Of Forgotten Neglected Love.

I Am Children

With In The Seeds Of Conception,

A Concept Of Love.

Only Time Passes As Planets

Whirl Through Space

Leaves Will Turn Brown

And Life Will Decay,

But I Shall Exist

Exist As The Truth With In The Nucleous Of All Things

I Am The Voice That Says There Is No Death.

Only Life
Falling Into Patterns Like Rain On Window Panes

I Am Creation

Eternal Birth With In The Minds And Souls Of Men,

As Songs And Sun Rise Over The Earth With Color And

Rhythm And Love.

by…Julie Arlana Roller