Inward Ascension Into The Kingdom Of God

Practice begins at the focus between the eyes variously called Atma-Pad or Tishra Til or Third Eye, Shiva-netra, all-seeing eye or nuqta i swaida; and from this Point ascension begins. ……… Concentrate the mind on the Focus between the eyes…….. Withdraw your Consciousness from the senses, from the thoughts of mind, external as well as from those already deposited within. When thoughts come, witness them as you would a procession, a parade, without marching with it, as you would watch a fire burning. Don’t add fuel to it or pour oil on it, it is dying out for lack of feeding it. Hold your restless mind steadily on one point. So long as thoughts come to your mind, it is still in a state of differentiation. When they are wholly abated and allayed, the mind will be free from fluctuations and modifications—it is then in the state of unification. Then light like the jet of a lamp burning bright will shine forth. At first, however, the light might be sky-gray, yellow, bluish, at times cream-colored, red, milkish, at times black spots coming, at times shining like the midday sun. At the Third Eye  while gazing within, one will behold the Light. ….. In time, by continuity of training the Surta [surat, attention -faculty of the soul] slowly but surely withdraws itself upward. At first Surta is diffused all over the body. As it is drawn to a focus gradually, Peace falls upon the whole body; breathing becomes almost imperceptible; sleep must not intervene; alertness must be maintained. Gradually the body becomes feeling-less. At death this process takes place involuntarily. The whole being is gathered at the given Point or Focus, and as focalization grows powers of concentration increase.

Gather together mind and soul and bring them inside, and do it over and over again. You will behold beyond the light a window, and through its narrow passage a vast field. Steadily set your fixed gaze upon it, and keep it there until you are able to see a five-colored flower garden, and inside of it, you shall see Joti-candle or light. Its cooling rays, the light that burns and would not burn what it falls upon, are most enjoyable. When Surta, like a bee, is seated in the light, as if busy quaffing its nectar and is fully settled, it shall see the blue-colored sky appearing like a circular disc; With deep devotion and intense longing ascend by intent gaze of Surta and pierce through it. Jyoti still shines on. Keep looking and enjoying it with detached mind. Soon you will be hearing an unending bell sound. Get yourself absorbed in it with exceeding interest. Next you will hear the conch. Let yourself become suffused or saturated with it.

In this region of Sahasdal Kanwal [thousand-petaled lotus] are seen innumerable galaxies of suns, moons, stars, gleaming, glowing, growing before one reaches and enters in the region of Trikuti. It is one thing to talk of these things, quite another to experience and enter this marvelous world and know it. It gives a new value to all the actions and relations of life.

— Radiant Road To Reality, Bhagat Singh Thind