Live From Your Higher Self Through Meditation

The soul cannot govern conditions unless it realizes it is above conditions. Confirmation of what we consider good and needful for ourselves and others must first be sought within our own divinely illuminated intuition. Hesitate not to act the strongest emphasis of your soul to accept, retain, enjoy, or give and do to others.

No evil shall befall him who is thus seated in his soul and gives expression to the spontaneity of his own-Being. No good shall pass him by, for all good is inside one’s own-Being. Live and reign in Self- Possession and Self-Expression forever and ever.

Charged with endless vitality, create and express in the harmony of your own-Being on Earth-the Kanna-Bhumi, the place of action. Established in the unity of your own Pure Being, engage in as many enterprises as you are prompted for. Throw fresher, ever fairer, currents of thought and emotions into things until they are saturated, electrified with the divine atmosphere. The soul can bloom, blossom, and bear celestial fruits only in its own native atmosphere. It can be happy only when it is in elements that are natural to its growth and Being. Sunk in Maya, its light is quenched; freed, it is all light itself, joy itself, Heaven itself.

To view an object in the proper light, one must stand away from it. View with God His whole universe and play your part in perfect at-one-ment with His will. As He is above the world yet in His world, so be yourself that way. If the eye were not sunlike, how could it behold the sun? If the soul were not God-like, how could it yearn for God? Thoughts of deathless spirit, of him who lives in His True Being are alive, dynamic, and their vital force is indestructible. Progress is not the work of multitudes, however organized, but of individuals who have found their True-Self.

— Bhagat Singh Thind, in the book, Radiant Road to Reality — see the website: