My media theory: OPRAH use to be first on my list until she started enfluencing her public on Religion preferences. I think she needs to keep her beliefs to herself whether she has a point or not. I don’t watch ‘shows’ on TV anymore since they are are mind controlling CRAP. I liked "The Simple Life". So funny! That Nicole Richie is just one big SHOCKER!!"Okay, Bitches!!" I love COMEDY: George Lopez, Carlos Mencia, Howard Stern. LUV THEM!!!!CONTROVERSAL ANYTHING is always interesting. I love a good debate.

My Hero theory: The Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He’s HOT and also my future sex slave. And anyone PASSIONATE about what they do. I LOVE people who are DEEP Thinkers about Life, Spirituality, or Phylosophy. I don’t have a real heroe. I look up to myself. I am finding there are more people like me coming out into the open without fear of being judged, because we will be judged by those who have not researched