My Album Scheduled For Release Next Month

Hey all,

The webzine, Mandrake’s Gazette, is rerunning their article on me in their December issue!  So, if you didn’t catch it in their November issue you can catch it now:)  Check it out at

I will also be posting tour dates beginning December 15.  I will be posting for the first half from January until June 2008.

The awesome radio station, MIXXSTUDIOS Radio, is now spinning my music.  This station plays a wide variety of music and a big thank you to them for playing my music:)

The third issue of Crawling Tunes Magazine is almost sold out!  There is a little article on me in it and an ad for my album in it along with some other great bands, so pick one up!

Don’t forget about my album scheduled for release next month!  A nice way to spend some Christmas money, don’t ya think?