Pillar Of Light Meditation

By Vivian Starfire
Music and Editing provided by Diana Crenshaw

We are much more than our physical bodies, we are spiritual beings. Our spiritual bodies are a powerful magnificence to behold. Our I am presence (soul-self ) exists approximately seventy feet above our physical bodies. This is our electronic body the part of us that is connected to heaven. This part of us is so powerful we cannot contain it in our physical bodies at this time in our evolution. We are given a portion of it stepped down into our earthly bodies called the Christ consciousness, or Christ self.

Chart of the I Am Presence.

Our physical bodies are encased with the energy of the Christ self.  At the center of this energy resides the three- fold flame within our heart.
The three flames stand for love,  wisdom, and power. First, we must come from a place of love. Through love we develop wisdom and then we may become powerful beings expressing love and wisdom. When we can anchor the three- fold flame within us, we are expressing our Christed selves.

Surrounding the three- fold flame is the violet flame; this loving energy serves us in transmuting all lower vibrations and karma. The violet flame is released from the I am presence into the earth body when called for.

The violet flame and the three-fold flame is encased within the pillar of light. The I am presence releases a pure crystalline liquid light into the crown chakra surrounding the earthly body in this amazing energy called the pillar of light. This pure energy of God expands your perception and connection with the divine.

The following meditation is designed to draw your pillar of light and I Am presence into your physical body.
I developed this meditation, based on one I was taught in 1997 by the late Rev. Glen Pruit. I suggest that you record the following meditation in your own voice to assist you in going deeper in to the desired state. At the places where there is a pause stop speaking and give yourself several moments to interact with the meditation. Music is also helpful, it can be anything relaxing. Wear comfortable clothing and be seated or lying down, and have a blanket near by as when in deep meditative states your body temperature drops.

1* Start with a prayer requesting assistance from the angels ascended masters, your guides and Archangel Metatron

2* Visualize 100% pure white light in 360 degrees around your physical body.

3*Take several deep cleansing breaths, letting the breath out with a sigh….

4* Starting with your feet and working all the way up your body, feel yourself melting into the earth. You are feeling very comfortable and at peace.

(note): In steps 5-15 you are speaking the requests)

5* I ask Archangel Metatron please open my crown chakra, so that my Christ Consciousness, and I Am presence may flow into my crown chakra and into my earthly body.

6* I now activate my three fold flame of my heart, acknowledging my love wisdom and divine power.

7* I call on St. Germain to anchor the Violet flame within my earthly body.
I now transmute all misqualified energy.

8* I call on Archangel Ratziel to open my third eye chakra, to allow me divine vision.

9* I call on Archangel Khamiel please open my throat chakra, and my heart chakra so I may speak the wisdom of God and express unconditional from my heart.

10*I call on Archangel Michael to please open my solar-plexus chakra, so I may surrender my negative ego.

11* Archangel Gabriel, Raphael and Ariel please open my sexual chakra, express pure Divine energies.

12* Archangel Sandalphon please open my base chakra and my feet chakra. Please open the very heart of the Earth, the Sun, the Galaxy, the Universe, and Un-Differentiated Creator Source in Nature.

13* Archangel Metatron,  please open and ignite the Pillar of Light. Please lower the Pillar of Light from the Creator Source down through my I AM Presence, down through my Christ Consciousness, down into my earthly body, and please connect it to my crown chakra.

14* I allow the Pillar of Light to descend down through my body, and as it descends it opens, clears, balances and aligns all my chakras in one straight line through the center of my body.

15* I allow the Pillar of Light to exit through my base chakra and my feet into the heart of the Earth, the Sun, the Galaxy, the Universe, and Creator Source in Nature.

16* Take a few minutes to breathe deeply and exhale fully…..(pause) On the inhale breath visualize a counter-clockwise spiral of Pure White Light moving from the heart of the Creator Source in Nature to the heart of Creator Source in Spirit through this Pillar of Light. On the exhale breathe; visualize a clockwise spiral of Pure White Light from Creator Source into the earth.

17*Take a few moments to breathe in this divine energy from the heart of source……(pause)

18*Resume your normal breathing at your own pace…….(pause)

19* Feel your body and consciousness returning to its normal levels..

You may do this at any time, once you are used to the energy, all you need do is ask for your I am presence, violet flame, three fold flame and pillar of light. Think about it, visualize it, imagine it and sense it. You can also send it to your body where you hold physical blocks. As you carry this divine Christ consciousness within, your frequency will be raised to a higher vibration. You will have an affect on those around you raising them up as well.