Planetary Grid Project And Its Lunar Transmissions

For clarification, this newly activated crystalline grid is also referred by many other names…including the Diamond Grid, the Grid of Divine Love, the Ascension Grid, the Unity Grid, the Grid of Christ Consciousness, the Grid of Light. It is the merkaba of the new Earth star and quite necessary for our ascension into 5th dimensional consciousness. It is important to understand that this grid reflects and amplifies our ascending levels of consciousness. The activation of this geodesic new earth structure is a phased process. It is increasingly activated as more and more people connect into its frequency.

articles and images to support your efforts in communicating and networking to others. There are both detailed writings and abbreviated writings to suit your preferences. There is also alliance with two experts in the field who have given us permission to use their research and more technical information on the grid if needed. (Just let me know if you need this reseARch.)

The building of our own networks of Light on this grid matrix is paramount to empowering and expanding the matrix into greater fields of mass unification to support humanity’s shift and Earth’s restructuring process. With aligned intent, we can accelerate healing and transformation into specific areas of the world.

We are also calling forth participation from people who anchor Light energy at sacred sites, geographical areas of crystalline power. These are the “central power stations” of the grid across the globe. These places of centralized power hold a high concentrated level of crystalline energy, purified frequencies and are the massive energy fields used to support this grid matrix.

The Planetary Grid Transmissions are created from and contained within the field of Oneness. It is a program for humanity and in service to humanity. These are transmissions freely gifted from our Creator and the realms of Universal Light to assist us on our sojourn into higher consciousness.