Release Tomorrow Night

Hi all,

"Run Away and Hide" will make it’s release tomorrow night at midnight.  It was supposed to be today, but the guy doing our digital mastering was having computer issues so he needed a coupe extra days and it is said to be ready Thursday evening.  Sorry to do that to you guys, but sometimes you just can’t win with technology:/  Plus, it WILL sound great once it is finished and I think and hope you will all enjoy it as much as you have enjoyed ‘Ghost’ and other songs off of the album.

There is also some more radio play  Nature Enter Me! Radio and Oxbow Free Radio have added my songs to their playlist.  I have had some of the radio djs and music sites say some wonderful things about the music.  Here are some great compliments I have recieved:

"Awesome Voice!" ~Wolf of M2Live Radio’s ‘Wolf and Gonzy Show’

"Great Voice!  Very nice to listen to"~Angel of Mirus,

"…reminds me slightly of Lana Lane’s output actually; but slightly darker and more mellow – and with a very different vocal style, voice and delivery."~Olav,Prog Cafe Radio’s ‘Heavenly Hell’ show; Oslo, Norway

"….haunting the Curse!"~The Nobodies Curse Radio

"It’s different without being pretentious.  It’s good, both the vocals and the accompaniment."~Oxbow Free Radio

"New talent!"~Nature Enter Me! Radio

Thank you to all the wonderful radio stations, websites, and media that have supported my musical endeavors this far.  It only makes me look forward to what’s to come:) 

The third issue of the German music magazine ‘Crawling Tunes Magazine’ sold out only 10 days after it’s release!  Thank you to the wonderful fans and other people who will hopefully become turned on to my music, and other great featured bands and artists for making this issue a tremendous success.  This issue ran a little article on me and an advertisement for my album.  The ad features the photography of Mark Kapsha and the graphics of David Gutter.  The article also featured a promo pic that was taken by Mark.  And a big thank you to Tyves for allowing me this opportunity:) 

Well, that’s the news for now:)