See Love In All

see love in all

Once upon a time there was
a disciple and his guru walking through a forest
and came to a rock to sit and rest a moment
and then out of no where came this man
he walked right up to the guru and began yelling at him
he yelled at him horrible things
his disciple look in amazement
as he watched his guru set there
and silently listen to this man yell
then finally the man left ahhhhh haha:)
he said guruji why ???
why would u allow this man to talk this way to you
the guru smiled and said calmly
dear heart u see
that was the only way
he knew how to show love
at that moment
u see dear heart under all his angry and frustrations

is love

he just didn’t know how to express it
his mind got in the way
his fear of seperation from his source
we could never be seperated from our source
but yet at times we forget
and and think we are
and out of that fear from feeling seprated
comes many sypmtoms such as
frustration and then anger hate
this is all truly love in disguse
im always sending our highest
ur dil shanti

fear is