Solomon Sami Azar

Hello, my name is Solomon Sami Azar-. I have combined the century old ideas of Tesla & Einstein to produce safe nuclear fusion of heavy water in order to end the energy crisis- When the scientific community has found this and understands -the energy crisis will be over-I have been guided to this discovery by the heavens- by a force in this universe we are all connected to in spirit and pray to in the name of god- I have put together many signs and connections to form the big picture-In conjunction of receiving messages of unity from our lord for ten years now( my proof is my semitica website i made 8 years ago-i have not touched it since as my mission took time to complete) I am a messenger of GOD- I have formally written the Sanhendrin of Israel to be examined-there seems to be an open position of jewish messiah/13th apostle/13th Imam/whatever-well I am the 13th- and I am willing to step up to the plate and perform my duties- i have given many stories here and my website of NOBLEFUSE for you to see that i have not self proclaimed myself anything-but rather- i have been given the authority by the powers that be and all those whom possess energy to seek the truth will see—i humbly thank all who have given me their blessings—IF WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN SOUNDS UNORTHODOX TO YOU-MY ROAD TRAVELED TO SOLVE THIS ENERGY CRISIS WAS UNORTHODOX-THE WEIGHT OF MY WORDS WILL BE FELT WHEN THE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY HAS UNDERSTOOD THE MIRACLE I HAVE UNCOVERED–TO NOT WALK ON WATER-BUT TO DELIVER IT FOR UNLIMITED & CLEAN ENERGY— TIME WILL TELL