The Spirit Of Graciousness

Beloved Children of the Sun, it is with great honor that we step into our roles as AMBASSADORS OF LIGHT. The absolute brilliance of our unified field is glowing as it accelerates at higher and higher levels of Universal Consciousness. We serve passionately and selflessly. We guide ourselves with Compassionate Love. We avidly seek opportunities to empower others. We offer gratitude for the abundance and joy that we experience collectively in the Oneness. But then we ask, "Have I done enough? What can I do better?" May we consider now that the missing element needed to harmonize our sacred work is the "Spirit of Graciousness."

The Spirit of Graciousness is a concept of BEING that generates from deep within the heart. On a personal level, the Spirit of Graciousness is the ultimate expression of appreciation in response to every activity in our life and all Creation. It is the state of recognizing, celebrating, and savoring the infinite number of energetic exchanges of giving and receiving with supreme integrity, compassion, warmth, understanding, charm and humility. Graciousness sees goodness in ways so powerful and transforming that sharing gracious space can transmute a toxic situation into a complete and sacred blessing.

On a social level, the Spirit of Graciousness has enormous capacity to reconcile differences and promote peaceful relations. Graciousness instills a sense of trust and truth in the beholder, and assumes a humble stance of honor for every One and every Thing. Graciousness activates the seed of compassion and eliminates the need for judgment. It creates an explicit connection that enables others to feel YOUR appreciation of THEIR presence, essence, and uniqueness.Yet, graciousness also inspires us to honor ourselves. Graciousness begets graciousness.

If we were to teach graciousness, we might take one step at a time by expressing heartfelt emotions in gracious space. For example, we could practice listening graciously, then smiling graciously, or speaking graciously from our hearts. By conducting ourselves graciously, we learn by example how to behold and develop the refined quality of responding with graciousness in order to live a gracious life.

During the Full Moon Grid Transmissions, let us propose to define ourselves and our sacred work by the Spirit of Graciousness. Let us intend with thoughtful embrace that all of Humanity share the intensity of our combined essence of Love, Gratitude, and Graciousness.

May our blessings of PEACE and THANKSGIVING flow outward to the world in a manner that resonates with deepest honor and appreciation of each other and all of Creation.

We shine forth IN THE ONENESS.

The Planetary Grid Transmissions, Full Moon this Saturday, November 24