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Tough economic times can wreak havoc with relationships. So, while your stocks are weakening, be sure to keep your relationship bonds strong. We’ll help you!

Our Special Spring Sale gives you unbelievably low prices on our Tantra Sacred Sex and Relationships Weekends.

Save up to 36% off the regular price.


You must register by March 20 for our March, April, or May sessions to take advantage of this offer.

Session dates and fees (regular price $1100 CDN or $880 US per couple):

March 27-29 $699 Canadian ($560 US) – Save 36%

April 24-26   $799 Canadian ($640 US) – Save 27%

May 22-24 $899 Canadian ($720US) – Save 18%

Register online at: http://www.tantra-sex.com/tantraregister.html

Or call us toll free: 1-800-684-5308 in North America

Other countries: 001-819-689-5308

Join us for a weekend of love, laughter and learning,

Al and Pala

Learning for Lovers; Lovers for Life

06/03/2009 0 Comments | Add Comment http://www.tantra-sex.com/ Al OFFLINE Sexy Spiritual Relationships Membership Website Virtual Community

We are creating a virtual community where members can meet and chat with each other as well as with your hosts Al Link and Pala Copeland and other featured experts. Here are some of the other features at the new memberships site.

Forums for asking questions about sexy spiritual relationships.

Chat rooms to meet with others to share ideas and inspiration.


Audio selections are excellent for those members who like to learn by listening. Audio files are generally presented as streaming MP3 files for your listening enjoyment. These files are grouped by subject category and author.


Video selections are excellent for those members who like to learn visually. These files are generally presented streaming with Adobe Flash. Important video content includes a series of instructional videos illustrating the lovemaking practices from the Kama Sutra and a series presenting the essential practices of Tantric sacred sexuality. We have also created a number of playlists for selections of videos available at other important video websites, including TED, You Tube, X-Tube, Clip Syndicate, and others. These playlists are for subject contents and important teachers (some
deceased) matching the themes of our membership site. This will enable you to access this important video content without having to do all the searching to find it for yourself.


In this section we present photos, poetry, and other forms of expression as an exploration of life, love, sex and spirit. We hope you find these selections as beautiful and inspiring as we do. We believe all of these artistic expressions can assist members to learn about reconnecting sex and spirit, heaven and earth. Many of these images will be sexually explicit but never (we hope) sleazy or pornographic. Naturally some viewers may have a different opinion about this, but we do hope you will keep an open mind and an attitude respectful of the artist’s right to present their authentic vision of what is romantic, sexy and spiritual. This section will appeal to those members who prefer to learn by seeing visual images.


This section will make available recordings of teleseminars presented by Al Link and Pala Copeland as well as other featured experts on our membership site. They will be grouped by subject category and author(s).

all good things,
Al and Pala

23/05/2008 0 Comments | Add Comment Articles Al OFFLINE

Our Sexy Spiritual Relationships articles directory lists all of the articles (hundreds of them with more being added daily), exercises and activities that couples can learn from about how to create love that lasts a lifetime together. Articles are grouped into subject categories for your convenience, and you may also search for articles by author. Articles are excellent for those members who like to learn by reading.

all good things,
Al and Pala

22/05/2008 0 Comments | Add Comment We will be launching the new membership website Al OFFLINE We are Al Link and Pala Copeland, hosts of the Sexy Spiritual Relationship membership website. We will be launching the new membership website, Sexy Spiritual Relationships on July 7, 2008.

We will have many exciting features and more information than you could possibly use in one lifetime available at the site.

Information will be grouped into four major categories:

   1. Relationship Happiness
   2. Enlightenment for Two(TM)
   3. Super Sex – Kama Sutra
   4. Sacred Sex – Tantra and Taoist

We are also partnering with a number of featured experts and practitioners who offer a wide range of services to assist our members to heal, grow personally and professionally, to awaken spiritually, and of course, to create sexy spiritual relationships.

If you are in relationship now, or want to be in relationship in the future, this website is definitely for you. Our mission is to help couples learn how to create love that lasts for a lifetime together. We do this by teaching them how to use their relationship as a spiritual practice, ultimately leading all the way to Enlightenment for Two(TM) The primary form of that spiritual practice is sacred sexuality–Tantric and Taoist.

all good things,

Al and Pala