A New Concept In Efundraising – What Do You Think?

Good people of the Karma Caffe….it is my distinct pleasure to introduce to you a new concept in efundraising…Memsaic.com.

What is it?  A Memsaic is a VIRTUAL MEMORY WALL.  You create one at memsaic.com and customize it to your cause.  Then you send it to your people – your friends, neighbors, family, membership, community, etc.  Donors buy bricks and post pictures and messages to show their support.

The end result is a Memsaic (memories captured in mosaic form) that shows your community coming together in support of your cause.

We designed it for community based organizations; individuals; and for international organizations to use on a local level.

We launched in January and have eleven Memsaics live right now.

We would love you to check it out and WOULD LOVE your thoughts, feedback, etc.  Go to www.memsaic.com and take a tour of the site.  If you want to set up an account – it is free and there is no obligation – do so and use this promotional code: myfriend that will create a very good revenue split (80/20 net revenue) if you decide to use the system.