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Bigger Picture Travel, specialises in Travel to India, having spent many years travelling to india, sri lanka, discovering the best in boutique homes to let, stunning haveli’s, the best in ayurveda treatment in Kerela, horse trekking Rajasthan, Motorbiking on Royal Enfield 350 around Rajasthan, the beautifull Shore temples of Tamil Nadu, wonderfull style of Pondicherry, shopping, colours textures and aromas of India are life changing and totally unforgetable.

 The people of India are the most hospitable i have happen accross in my own travels. having travelled alone or in a small group of like minded people, there is so much to see in this most diverse of continents.

Bigger Picture is London based, and teams with in Delhi, who are just incredible partners we could have.

 There are many many routes to chose in India, most popular is Rajasthan for it is packed with many amazing forts, palaces, historic relics, kerela is fabulous for beaches, temples, ayurveda, food especially is my favourite,

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with much metta, susie toldi, biggerpicturetravel