Discover Your True Self: Reverse Your Attention During Meditation

Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
"Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"

It is by withdrawing our attention from the world during meditation that we can attain our True Home. It enables us to discover our true self and regain the lost treasure.

Mystic Verses of Param Sant Tulsi Sahib, Saint of Hathras from the book, Shabdavali:

The Sectarian Warriors

How can the sectarian ever know the Path of the Masters
and where it leads to?
Deluded are the priests and the ritualists,
burning in the fire of the world.
They have put the load of pilgrimages, rituals
and external observances on themselves.
Indeed, they resort to all these practices,
0 Tulsi, to gratify their ego.

Shallow Pursuits

People toil in pursuit of worldly desires;
who cares for the search of Truth?
They relish the pleasures of their senses
and revel in their passions.
Parrot-like they repeat the name of the Lord as a mere ritual.
They attain not salvation while living,
0 Tulsi, but babble about attaining
liberation after death.

Locate the Lost Treasure Within

Reverse thy gait from the court of this
world and attain thy True Home.
The drop will merge in the Ocean, and thou
thyself will know the wonder.
The lost treasure will be found and thy
true self will be revealed.
He who has solved this riddle, 0 Tulsi,
is indeed a true devotee.

Glittering light shines in the region of the sky, which only a brave one can behold. If one seeks the Truth, one will not go down the transmigratory cycle. If one meets the Merciful Satguru, one will come to know of all the secrets from Him. If one renders service to the Sant, He will tell one of the whereabouts of the Abode of the Beloved. Says Tulsi, it is only by being dead whilst alive that one can find the Perfect Guru.

Hark within day and night; you will listen to blissful Sound. Within everyone, reverberates Shabd [Inner Sound], about which no one knows. The Brahmand is represented in the body in every respect. Says Tulsi, open your inner eyes, and the Sant [the Sant Satguru, Living Master who is a Qualified Teacher] will show it to you.

Love For the Beloved Lord of Love

Love-intoxicated Surat [soul] is bubbling with joy. The darling of the Beloved has prepared and bedecked the bed and, imbued with the Beloved’s bliss, has cast away all bondages. Taking the Beloved’s arm, she has put it round her neck, and catching hold of the current of spirituality, she has made it steady. Seeing the Beloved’s terrace within, she has ascended to it dancing and, looking ahead after separating herself from everything else, she hears a unique Sound. Opening the door on the West, that is, proceeding through Sunn [void], she touches the Beloved’s feet and becomes a precious jewel. Says Tulsi, she burns all worldly entanglements, and leaves behind all pain and sorrow.

Enter within thy self and there behold
the Invisible Beloved;
And cherish thou and ever foster thy love for Him.
With knowledge, discrimination and contemplation
Let the bonds of Kal [lord of time/death/illusion] be severed.
Reach thou the banks of the Lake of Nectar, 0 Tulsi,
There take a holy dip and wash away thy karmas.
Pure is the love of that immaculate Lord,
Seeing whom the soul is filled with bliss.