Evaluating Spiritual Teachers

Today via HealthyLifeNET — The Positive Talk Radio Network today at 1 PM Eastern Time/Noon Central/11 AM Mountain/10 AM Pacific Time

Part One of my phone interview with Don Howard on Evaluating Spiritual Teachers and Spiritual Paths, a very helpful discussion for spiritual seekers everywhere.

Next week will be Part Two with Don, featuring a conversation about a rare spiritual path from India called Sant Mat, the Path of the Masters or Way of Sages.

NOTE: Today’s program will be added to my archive page sometime on Friday evening and will be available for 13 weeks in my archive.

Above: Don’s Spiritual Teacher: Swami Sant Sevi Ji Paramahansa of the Maharishi Mehi Ashram, Bhagalpur, Bihar, India

Above: A Chart of the Heavens, the Inner Regions or Kingdom of the Heavens that are Within You

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