Filming For Our First Music Video

Hi everyone,

Well, we have officially wrapped filming for our first music video "Run Away and Hide."  We shot literally all day this passed weekend and from what I saw, I am really excited about seeing the finished product which is in the editing process.  Alisa did a great job filming, Jen took some awesome photo stills and Jenna did awesome with makeup:)  Thanks to everyone who made the shooting of my first video a positive experience:)

On top of that, I have some other news.  Our friends at Deadpit Radio played excerpts from my album "Poet" on their show this passed Friday during part 1 of their interview with Bill Mosley.  The show can still be heard in their archives.  Visit and visit their archives.  You can have a listen to the interview with Bill Mosley as well as a listen to them playing my album:)  They also usually have the most recent show playing on their myspace page as well (they are in my top friends).  Deadpit Radio has always been wonderful supporters of my endeavors and have played my music on their radio show before.  Thanks to Creepy Kentuckian and Uncle Bill of Deadpit Radio.

New press news!  The folks at Oucast Fanzine have released their 7th issue that featured a review of my single/maxi CD, "Ghost."  From what Curehead of Outcast Fanzine told me, it is a really nice review of my music and I will be posting some of it when I recieve the magazine and the english translation of the review (Outcast Fanzine is based in Greece).  Their next issue is slated for September of 2008 and they have offered to do a review on the entire album "Poet" as well as an interview, so watch for those coming up in their September issue (Issue 8).  Also, remember to check out the latest issue of the German music magazine, Crawling Tunes Magazine.  It is my second appearance with the magazine as my song "Run Away and Hide" is featured on the compilation disc that accompanies the magazine.  Crawling Tunes and Outcast Fanzine are both in my top friends.  Check them out, pick up the magazines, and add them:)  They rock!

There is also a new radio station in the mix.  The lovely people at the Boston-based Lights Out Radio Show will be featuring my song "Ghost" on their radio show about the Paranormal and Unexplained.  For those of you who are fans of the show ‘Coast to Coast with George Norry and Art Bell’ it is within that vein.  They are new friends on my myspace and their link is  You can also check them out on and on skype.  I will fill you in on exactly when they will begin playing the song as I will also be making a brief stop and chat toward the end of the show on the first night it is played.

Well, that’s all for now folks.  Have a wonderful rest of the day.