Friday+Sunday: The Path Of Miracles, With My Guest: Jaya

This Week on Spiritual Awakening Radio via HealthyLifeNET: The Path of Miracles


Tools for Divine Intervention – Expect a Miracle Everyday

This week my guest is Jaya. We will be having a conversation about the Path of Miracles, an on-line course that provides a step by step guide to accessing the Miraculous Mind. The Miraculous Mind is unlimited consciousness and opens the door to a life of fulfilled desires, empowerment and peace. The program is modeled after the core teachings of Dattatreya Siva Baba. Datta is a scholar mystic from Southern India. Datta states, "My mission and commitment to the human race is to make miracles an everyday reality. In order to make miracles a daily reality in your life you should learn to use the non-mind [Miraculous Mind]. Meditation is the path to empty your negative karma that’s blocking your manifestation."

Path of Miracles is an online program using Divine Tools for Manifesting a life of Abundance, Love, Joy, Peace and Empowerment.

Dattatreya Siva Baba

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