From Om To Orgasm: Review The Tantra Primer For Living In Bliss

ISBN: 978143439606

Review By Hakeem Alexander

(Exercising Your Mind) I am infinitely grateful to have been honored with a copy of From Om to Orgasm autographed by the veritably masterful yet dearly humble authors Chandi Devi and J. Ram Siva. I believe this marks the first time I have ever read a 300 page tome three(3) consecutive times in a row ever eager to gain a more meaningful grasp of the Ancient Wisdom presented in this Modern Text.

From Om to Orgasm is an impeccably researched and referenced Scientific Document that simultaneously ignites a Spiritual fire within any being whether they be advanced practitioners or novices. I have been presented with a fabulous opportunity from the words and awakening provided by the passages within.

I invite anyone who mistakenly believes that Tantra is only about sex, to study these blessed pages to come to know the true union of Body and Soul that is infused throughout the teachings carefully laid out in this literary wonder entitled "From Om to Orgasm".

"From Om to Orgasm" by Chandi Devi and J. Ram Siva has not only been a primer, but will certainly serve as a constant reference in my personal growth and healing practice. From Om to Orgasm truly marks the mastery of the authors as teachers, for they have brought to clarity many apparently complex subjects I have longed to elucidate. This book dispels myths and misconceptions. More importantly, it inspires, uplifts and enlightens the reader in the most elegant fashion and as an eagerly page turning motivator.

From Om to Orgasm has been at once a promise fulfilled as my hunger for awareness and comprehension have been satiated, as well as an affirmation of many long-held intuitions of my own that are now firm beliefs in large part due to the support and encouragement found within the pages of this fantastic labor of light.

From Om to Orgasm is simply a great achievement of creative endeavor that brings the Science of Tantra into blissful understanding for those greenhorns seeking an introduction to the subject such as myself, and from the conversations I have had with the more adept, I am convinced that it would surely benefit them as a renewed source of motivation.

From Om to Orgasm is truly a remarkable gift that opens with the basics of "eastern philosophy" and Ancient Wisdom. It then integrates these time-tested and honored philosophies with J. Ram Siva’s and Chandi Devi’s modern perspective stemming from personal experience.

From Om to Orgasm has invigorated my Yoga Practice as well as revitalizing my Spiritual seeking and is destined to be a classic text to be revered and celebrated by many enthusiastic seekers and leaders alike. Right from the Preface to the Epilogue, From Om to Orgasm is at once calming and exciting as it is a road-map to full understanding with a climax that although quite satisfying, leaves you desiring and thirsting for more knowledge and guidance.

I am so truly thankful that my friends Chandi and J. Ram have shared this wonderful gift of union with me. I am in awe of your knowledge and have finally found in you someone I can call my Guru, Teacher, Master.