‘Ghost’ Will Be Featured On A Myspace Podcast

Hello everyone,

Tonight, my song ‘Ghost’ will be featured on a MySpace Podcast show.  The info belowe is as gotten from the show’s myspace:

‘Listen live on JVonD’s "Sky Deck Streams" or download at your leisure via podcast feed. Check out MySpace artists as they tell you about their projects and then hear what they are talking about. Just click the live stream on my profile or look for the archive under my influences.’

For more info on the podcast show, visit http://www.myspace.com/JVonD

My original art piece ‘Portal: Passageway to Heaven’ is now for sale and viewing up on the ‘Bridging Heaven and Earth’ website.  Some of you may have previewed it on my deviant art page.  But here’s the link the Bridging Heaven and Earth Gallery:


Also check out the main site:  http://www.heaventoearth.com

Have a great night,