God Does Exist! See Him For Yourself!

A gentleman went to a forest for a stroll. While moving around the jungle he came to a cottage. He saw a hermit sitting there. This gentleman approached him and asked out of curiosity, “Baba (a term used in Hindi speaking region to respectfully address a sage)! What are you doing in the quiet of this lonely forest?” The sage replied, “I meditate on God here.” “Does God really exist?” asked the gentleman. The sage replied, “Yes, He does.” The gentleman opined, “I don’t believe in God.” The sage calmly replied, “You don’t believe in God just as I don’t believe in America.” The gentleman was unsettled, “You don’t believe in America? Baba! There are so many people who have gone there, visited different places there and have come back.” With the same equanimity with which Baba had begun, he responded, “Several great souls or sants have gone to the God as well, met Him and have come back.” The gentleman was now getting restless to convince the recluse, “It appears, Baba, you don’t believe my words. You please go to Delhi. You will have to spend some money to purchase a plane’s ticket which would fly you to England. You board another flight there which would land you in America. There you can see things for yourself.” Baba said, “You see! You don’t have to even spend any money to meet God. Yes, of course, you would have to devote some time. First of all, you practice ‘maanas jap’ (mental recitation of a sacred mantra given by a Guru) and ‘maanas dhyaan’ (trying to visualise the form of the Guru or some preferred deity). Then attain single-pointed ness by practicing ‘drishti-yoga’ (gazing intently in the front of the centre of eyes as taught by an adept Guru). That bright point would take you into the realm of light. There you would listen to the sound getting hold of which would, in steps, make you grasp the Central Sound which shall, in turn, escort you into the Soundless State – the abode of God. There you can see Him for yourself.” The gentleman now thought of another way to convince the recluse, “Baba! You still don’t believe me? O.K., you see, there is a thing called Globe. On that Globe, the map of the whole world is engraved. There, to the west of India, you can see the map of America. Then you would surely believe my words.”  Baba said, “OK, you please listen to me. There is a city called Bhagalpur in the state of Bihar in India. A sant by the name of Maharshi Mehi Parahans ji Maharaj lived there. He wrote a book titled “Satsang Yog” that consists of four parts. In the fourth part of the book he has prepared a map of ‘pind’ (micro-cosmos or our body) and ‘brahmand’ (macro-cosmos) and titled it “A Schematic Diagram of ‘Pind’ and ‘Brahmand’”. That cosmological map very clearly shows that to the very north of where you (the soul) exist (currently), the Supreme Sovereign God resides (in His pure form). The way to reach Him is also very clearly laid out in that diagram so that you don’t have to loiter anywhere in the outside world. First go to the ‘Ajnaa Chakra’ (also called ‘Teesra Til’, the Tenth Door, or the Third eye). Proceeding from there you can travel all the way up to the Kingdom of God (where he alone lives, by going where you also become ‘Him’) via ‘Sahastra Dal Kamal’ (Thousand Petalled Lotus), ‘Trikuti’, ‘Shoonya’ (Void), ‘Maha Shoonya’ (Great Void) and ‘Bhanwar Gufa’ (Whirling Cave). There you could see God for yourself, and then you would surely believe my words.” The detailed sketching of the spiritual cosmology, the inner confidence and the probity with which the sage had been talking had a magical effect on the gentleman. With folded hands he submitted humbly, “Baba! I do believe you. God does exist.” 

–   Maharshi Santsewiji Paramhans would often relate this story in his discourses.-  

Translated into English by Pravesh K. Singh