Healing From Heaven

For those of you who have psychic abilities or a high intuition, did this ever happen to you? I am single, by choice..may I add? 🙂 Obviously I am not shy with my belief and my passion which is Healing From Heaven and the strong belief in my spiritual guides. Somehow, when I meet someone, the conversation usually goes into metaphysics. Maybe a strong part of me wants to find out right away if this person is open to the non physical world. If they are not, our connection ends rapidly. Once the conversation goes into metaphysics, the next topic is about psychics; and here’s where it starts. Most of the people I meet, as soon as they know I have a psychic ability will ask "So tell me about myself and let’s see how good you are?". Are you kidding me? I must say, this is an automatic turn off, primarily because I have no needs nor desire to prove myself to anyone, specially the "non believers". Their spiritual journey is not my quest. However this is how I see it; If you met someone for the 1st time and knew that this guy was a veterinarian, would you bring your pet to ask him for an evaluation to see how good he is as a doctor! No! What about a programmer, would you bring your laptop and ask him to optimize it! No! However when it comes to psychics, people have no problems putting them on the spot because they feel a need to be entertained! Sorry, I am not a show and definitely not on a first date! That’s a deal breaker. I am okay talking about it and sharing information. If I really like the person and notice they are open to it, I may share insights and messages I receive. .. and I also do not appreciate the messages saying "well you already know who this is and why I am calling, so I don’t need to tell you!". That is also a deal breaker (or a date breaker!). I actually take the non physical world very seriously. I don’t "mess" with it, laugh at it nor do I use it for entertainment. I respect my guides and their "power". So if you have a spiritual ability, have you ever been in this type of situation and how do you react? If you are the one who asked for a reading, why did you do it? Maybe I am not seeing the other side of the coin! Thanks for your comments.