I Believe We Are All Spiritual Beings Encased In A Physical Body

I have been talking to the Spirit World since I was four years old. At the age of 24 I started the Institute of Metaphysical Sciences in Minneapolis, MN. The Institue was closed in 1996 when I relocated to WI. to Pastor a Spiritualist Church.

While in MN, I worked for 23 police depts. for several years. I have also worked for the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, the FBI, and the US Air Force Alaska.

In April 2007, I left a 17 year Ministry in Spiritualism to begin The Voice of Spirit and expand my ability to teach beyond a limit rule system.

The Voice of Spirit offers classes, trance sessions, table tipping, readings in person and by email, and many other opportunities to grow and learn.

Visit the website at:  www.thevoiceofspirit.com

Like all others who walk the Spiritual Path, I am here to serve humanity and let others know, "this is not all there is!"

Bright Blessings….

I believe we are all spiritual beings encased in a physical body. Psychic tools are used to express this spirit on the earth. Therefore, we are all spiritual, some choose to pick up and use the psychic tools.

I am here to serve humanity. To make this world a peaceful place by doing my part. I believe we all need to reach out and embrace life with dignity and respect. There is only one purpose in life, that is to live, love and be at peace. We will each choose to do that in a different way, but it is important we choose.

Bright Blessings for A Blue Sky Day.