My Debut Album ‘Poet’ Is Now Available

Hello everyone,

For all you fans in the United Kingdom, I’m happy to say that my debut album ‘Poet’ is now available there through the Femme Metal Webzine.  Just click on the link belowe and Caz and the rest of the Femme Metal Zine gang will assist you:

I also have to thank Radio Zeta for being the newest radio station to spin my tunes.  Their rotation is every Wednesday and Saturday so be sure to listen and email in requests for my songs:)  The link to the station is belowe:

Radio Zeta also sets up profiles for the artists they play.  The nice profile they set up for me is in the link belowe:

Also, thanks to Femme Metal Webzine, I will soon have a forum set up for me.  It is still in the process of being set up and we will let you know when it is completely up and running.

On a sadder note, I went to send an email saying hello to a theatre group I worked with frequently when I was in high school in Wilkes-Barre, PA.  I visit their website for the first time in years only to find that one of the theatre’s most beloved members and contributers passed away in April:(  Reverend Joseph T. Gilbert (or "Father Joe" as we would call him) was not only an asset to the arts and the community but he was also a dear friend.  I will more than likely post more of my thoughts in my Road Journal.

Joseph T. "Father Joe" Gilbert

You are greatly missed