My Only Reason

You ask me why,
I say for love.
You don’t even try.
I say please – love.

Your truth is elusive.
Mine is not for sale.
You feel intrusive.
Love can never fail.

Love Is My Only Reason.

All I have is yours for the taking
With an open heart and lovemaking
Ask me anything and the answer will be the same.
I only need love, but you still yearn for fame.

Why do people fight at wars?
Lack of love is their reason.
Why don’t your success soar?
Lack of love is your reason.

Friction creates energy.
Energy creates change.
Love Is The Only Reason.

When you don’t get my words
I use the language of love
I leave my message to the birds
Let them lead the peace dove

Love Is My Only Reason
(© Telluselle 2008)