Never Ever Be So Ignorant As To Forsake The Shabd

Earn the Invaluable Wealth of Shabd!

-Sant Radhaswami Sahab

An English rendering of a verse composed by Sant Radhaswami Sahab taken from the book titled “Satsang Yog , Part II” by Maharshi Mehi Paramhans ji Maharaj.

-Translation by Pravesh K. Singh ( ).

The Original Verse (Phonetic Version):

“Shabd kamaae kar he meet | Shabd prataap kaal ko jeet ||

Shabd ghaat too ghat me dekh | Shabdahi shabd peev ko pekh ||

Shabd karm kee rekh kataave | Shabd shabd se jay milaave ||

Shabd binaa sab jhoothaa gyaan | Shabd binaa sab thothaa dhyaan ||

Shabd chhod mat are ajaan | Radhaswami kahai bakhaan ||”

The Translation:

[O friend! Earn the ‘shabd’ (Divine Word or Sound). | By the glorious grace of the ‘shabd’, win over time (death & rebirth). ||

Behold the banks (realm or sphere) of ‘shabd’ within your ‘ghat’ (body). | Catching hold of ‘shabd’ after ‘shabd’ see the Lord ||

‘Shabd’ enables to obliterate or erase the result or effect of our actions. | One ‘shabd’ naturally leads to another ‘shabd’. ||

Any knowledge without knowing, or in the absence of, or excluding ‘shabd’ is false knowledge or ignorance. | All meditation that excludes ‘shabd’ is hollow, toothless or incomplete meditation. ||

Do not ever, therefore, forsake the ‘shabd’, You Ignorant Being! || Radhaswami describes thus in detail. ||]


To understand the true import of “shabd shabd se jay milaave” (one ‘shabd’ leads to another ‘shabd’) of Sant Radhaswami Sahab, the following excerpts from a discourse of Maharshi Santsewiji would be of help:

“Whoever sincerely practices the inner meditation comes to experience light within. First he sees the light and then he hears sound, too. Sound has a natural & inherent property of attracting or drawing the listener towards its source or origin. One who is capable of grasping the sound springing straight from the God Himself gets naturally drawn to Him.

The practitioner of “naadaanusandhaan” or “surat-shabda yog” (the Yog of Sound or the Union through Sound) first catches hold of the sound which is generated at the centre of the “sthoola mandal” (gross sphere of creation). Catching that sound at the meeting horizon or junction of the Gross sphere and the “sookshma mandala” (Astral or Subtle sphere), he (the practitioner) is drawn to the centre of the Astral sphere. Grasping the sound at the centre of the Astral sphere he is led to the centre of the “kaaran mandal” (Causal sphere) wherefrom he is pulled up to the centre of the “mahaakaaran mandal” (Supra-Causal sphere). Getting hold of the sound at the centre of the Supra-Causal sphere he transcends the barrier or layers of “jad” (ignorance or non-consciousness) and makes an entry into the realm of “kaivalya” or, “chetan” (pure consciousness). There he gets the “saar shabda” or “anaahat shabda” (the unstruck or quintessential sound) which takes him to the “nihshabdam paramam padam” or the highest and the Ultimate Soundless State. There he meets and merges into perfect unison with the God losing his individual identity completely. Thus, the cycle of birth and death or transmigration comes to be destroyed or annihilated for ever or permanently.”