Numbers In Religions


12 Months

12 Astrological Houses

12 Astrological Signs

12 gods in the Brahman Zodiac

12 Tribes of Isreal founded by the 12 sons of Jacob

12 gods for the people of Greece

12 Princes of Ishmael

12 Disciples of Jesus, Buddha, Osiris, and Quetzalcoatl

12 Knights of King Authur

12 altars of St. James

12 divisions of Solomon’s temple

12 Knights of Himmler (Nazi SS)

12 Stars (crown of Isis/ Semriamis in Revelations)

12 Drottars’ (Odin)

12 Stars in a circle (European Union)

12 sides to all Diamonds and must be cut along these 12 axes

12 on a jury

12 in Board of Directors

12 inches in a foot


7 Days of Creation

7th Heaven

The 7 Churches

the 7 Thrones

The 7 Seals

The 7 Day March around the wall of Jericho

The 7 spirits of God sent forth into the Earth (Revelations)

7 days between each event for ‘The Flood’ story

On the 17th day of the 7th month the Ark rests.

On the 27th day, 7th Century, Noah leaves the ark.

The 7 spirits of the Egyptian’s

The 7 Angels of the Chaldeans

The 7 Devas of the Hindu’s

The 7 Sephiroth of the Hebrew Kabala

The 7 Archangels of Revelations


At age 40, Adam enters Paradise

40 years later, Eve follows

For the Flood, it rained for 40 days and 40 nights

At age 40, Seth was carried away by angels

Seth was not seen for 40 days

At age 40, Moses goes to Midian