October Astrology

by eliza de vries

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The month of the Pot Stirring Scorpios is upon us…as the Sun, Mercury and then Venus move into the depths of the psyche expunging and uncovering the unchained expressions of our soul. We may feel these subterranean rumblings erupt throughout the first three weeks of November as all planets appear to square all planets. Translated we have the Sun, Mercury, and Venus squaring a fiery mars in Leo while concurrently squaring Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune (all in Aquarius). Meanwhile Saturn has moved into Libra forming a direct square with Pluto in Capricorn (Pluto being Scorpio’s ruler. this affects us deeply!) What to do with such inner angst while the earthquakes of our soul push and prod us to change ourselves? During such times we have immense opportunities to confront the “thought barricades” which have seemingly halted our progress in the so called outer world. Do you feel angry, frustrated, disappointed or simply downhearted and road-blocked? Now is the time to get to the heart of the matter. Write out your feelings on the 16th (New Moon in Scorpio and a very powerful day). What does your soul long to create? Why do you think it is still eluding you? Is there such a thing as inner peace or are we simply moving from thought form to thought form and constantly in a state of unrest? Joy and anger, sorrow and happiness come upon us by turns…but for these emotions we would not feel alive. In taking time for self examination, the Scorpionic forces ask us to accept and allow ALL to move through us without judgment. to revel in our humanness and celebrate the depths and heights that our soul can reach. All of it is life manifesting in its intensity…After the 22nd we enter the sun sign of Sagittarius..the soul has been cleansed. it now turns its face towards the light..

ARIES: March 21st to April 19th

All of the Scorpionic bubbling takes place in the house of Scorpio compelling you to step into your subconscious thought forms with fearlessness and courage. Change is afoot for Aries individuals. Unavoidable change. In opening your arms to change while letting go of “what was” you speed up the process and shed skins from the past with alacrity. In order to move from the relentless thought forms more “into your body” take regular time outs for exploring nature in whatever way appeals to you. The beauty and style of the physical world is natural. It moves your “head ruled” nature down into the physicality of feeling your body move, exploring your sensual relationship with all that exists around you. and simply letting go of the electronic world and all that that portends. Your sign is sensitive to cell phones, computers and EMF waves. so you must keep the balance by allowing the mind to rest on a regular basis Maintaining balance…it is the key to all!

TAURUS: April 20th to May 20th

Taurus individuals are hit by 7 squares during November forcing shift in the houses of partnership, professional expression and the home. The personality is pushed to examine its personal capacity for role playing. Just what are your attitudes to all of the roles you assume? Through introspection, you uncover the true authenticity of your being. Taurus, being a naturally sensual sign, can be defining his or herself through the outer world more than most. Scorpio, its natural external adversary, pushes at you to unmask your true self in order to free your True Self and emerge without fear. Scorpio energies assist you to examine where you are feeling overly self conscious or blocked in relationships… There is no “right” course of action and some particular set of feelings which will define your true self. Authenticity cannot be identified with any particular role. it happens of itself spontaneously. Through dropping the roles the soul is freed. Instead of roads feeling closed they magically all appear open! A whole new world of experience is coming without the slightest forcing if we stay sensitively aware in the moment to each sensation moving through us…In this open and ungrasping mode of awareness all is received into oneself with all the richness and splendor of the unpremeditated!

GEMINI: May 21st to June 20th

The twins have a propensity to live in a dualistic manner…which is why the personality of a Gemini can sometimes feel perplexing to others. One never knows which twin will “show up.” The twins externalize the polarities of experience and thought which exist in all of us. One moment your attention is deliberately concentrated in a certain area, you begin to select thoughts from that area, the mind becomes fixed and intensely focused, then a set of conclusions are reached. But, in so doing, a completely different perspective is ignored. Gemini must guard against “making a case” for the conclusion which they have so brilliantly reached. There is a completely opposing perspective out there and you can at times box yourself in to superficial thought. This is where the Scorpio energies can assist you. They push you to dive deep beneath the surface of your own foregone conclusions and come up with a completely different perspective. Sometimes the Scorpio friend will irk you or prod you…force you to “get real” as these are the murky intense waters where Scorpio lives all of the time. You lighten up the brooding Scorpio while the Scorpio draws you into the deeper discarded parts of your true self! Enjoy!

CANCER: June 21st to July 22nd

Cancer individuals adore and resent the Scorpio energies all in one fell swoop. Why? Because Scorpio can get under the skin of Cancer as no other..(which is why they often make fabulous sexual partners) causing the Cancer to reveal its innermost darkest Secret Crabby Self. Cancer has the tender underbelly of the Crab and Scorpio must be careful not to prod it too much or the Cancer will simply back up into its cave and become sullen or strike out with its pinchers and not let go! Cancer deeply desires relationship…for it is through the feeling nature (water) that it expresses its innermost soul. This mysterious and sometimes unsought uprising of love transforms not only your experience and vision of your beloved but of the whole world. Your sign is made for love. and must love. and the Scorpio energies push you to consider love this month as never before. For it is through love that the Cancer soul (symbolized by the personal annotation, I feel) can come outside of itself and compassionately care for others. Through learning to love the other Cancer takes on a relationship with “all others..”

LEO: July 23rd to August 22nd

The more we take our will and achieve success the more everything outside of us could seem to be a competitive threat. Every success in some way demands a further success so that the process can lead to omnipotence or great attainments. Thus the Leo soul with its huge force of energy can sometimes get caught up in its own blaze of light and while lighting up the world become enamored with its own ego beyond normal bounds. The Scorpio energies force inner assessment…causing the outer world successes to become just that …reflections of self manifesting in the outer world. Scorpio prods: Now take that same intensity of will to examine and strip away the exterior and get to the soul and its own longing and desires…Leo is a fixed fire sign. Think on this. It embodies the force of ego in physical form. When that ego is thwarted it can cause huge disappointment. But when that will is brought from the inward light to light up the lives of others it is magnanimous beyond all others. Our advice this month. Be still. Listen. Seek out the inner Light…and after the 22nd you will bring joy and celebration to the lives of others in new and wondrous ways..

VIRGO: August 23rd to September 22nd

When the intelligence of the mind becomes the “leader” of your life as can be the case with a Mercury ruled sign it is easy to become the dissector of life instead of the experiencer of life. When we lived from the brain we lose sight of the grand immersion into the feeling nature…we fail to pay heed to the yearning of the soul and its great desire to feel. The squares and oppositions which reel all over your chart give you a monumental wake up call to get out and have some fun…to find something to create beyond your normal criteria. Drive a different route…visit a new restaurant…study something which beckons to your heart. Play more…write down your dreams..in other words let go of the “definition of everything” and move more into the soulful passionate “experience of it”. Virgo is a tactile earth sign. Get a massage. Cuddle up with someone you love. Simply be! The sense of relief and joy which will flood your system will be glorious.

LIBRA: September 23rd to October 22nd

Saturn has crossed the horizon of your solar astrological chart heavily positing itself in the personality angle for the next two and one half years. Translated? You are going to seriously redefine your character paring away what no longer works as you enter a new 29-30 year cycle of life. As this occurs, Pluto sits in a strong square to Saturn in your “house of the subconscious.” What will this feel like? As you go into deep self examination there will be a need for readjustments…it is like looking at one part of the self….seeing what is extraneous and tossing it out…then readjusting how you approach others. You are literally being honed down to a more authentic place within your own Being. People will notice that you seem changed. If you listen to the heart of Pluto which calls strongly for elimination of the negative expression of ego you will be distilled and realigned with your spirit in powerful ways. Your life will become grand and bright. But there is work to be done and it all comes with being serious about introspection. At this time it is not about “the other” but about you…and your growth!

SCORPIO: October 23rd to November 21st

As a Scorpio you have access to never ending power for regeneration surfacing through your personality. As you experience these transformations during November you can see the unconscious planes of existence in which others often delude themselves. You carry a mighty sword of perception…the ability to cut through the nonsense and expose the underbelly of truth. Others may at times squirm in your presence. However rather than using the laser beam to uncover the frail zones through which others traverse, take that intensity and focus it back on your own life. Where do you still feel unutterably vulnerable? What pushes your buttons or causes you to experience the agonies of abandonment or betrayal? When you live outside of yourself there is a tendency to become angry, quarrelsome or even resentful. When such moments occur, you must immediately draw back and examine your role in what is occurring around you. Are you being hypersensitive or obsessive? Delve into the roots of your life…the early lifetime experiences which were so intense and at times unbearably painful. Being the consummate healer dear Scorpio; it is time to access and use this POTENT healing force for yourself..

SAGITTARIUS: November 22nd to November 21st

For the early part of November pull back and examine the past year introspectively. This is your pre-birthday annual reassessment period. Where have things gone awry? Whom have you hurt? What did you learn? Have you frivolously squandered your time? Or have you used the year to broaden your magnificent Jupiterian soul into realms of thought and feeling which up to now have been unexplored? Many of this sign suffer from a childlike Peter Pan approach to life…skirting the major issues of soul development while dabbling in the lives or emotions of others. The evolved Sagittarian is the spiritual seeker par excellence living in areas of soulful experience which constantly bring forth greater and greater growth. Being a Jupiter ruled sign does not mean you live with an optimism which is unflappable. Au contraire, you are here to learn about faith, optimism and generosity…to give away what you have….to develop a faith in the Divine circle of Benevolence…give… knowing it will return…..then give again. After the 22nd the Sun shines brightly in the personality angle….a time of joyful celebration…

CAPRICORN: December 22nd to January 19th

Saturn lines up in your career angle squaring Pluto’s transit of your personality house. The result? An intense reassessment of why you are here, what is your spiritual gift to humanity, where do you need to make changes within yourself in order to manifest another expression of living? The sense of the vast gulf between the ego and the world is beginning to dissolve as Pluto strips away a false sense of self and replaces it with the more “illumined” you. As this is accomplished your subjective inner life seems no longer separate from everything else, especially poignant will be your total experience of the stream of nature. Everything moves towards more integration and harmony. The new sense of well being is marvelous as you move from “facing life” to simply becoming life. Many young Capricorns create a crystallized structure to their lives. Now this structure is dissolving in favor of a boundaryless existence. What an exciting time!

AQUARIUS: January 20th to February 18th

Squares compound with squares in the chart of the Aquarian to bring about immense internal change…the internal change in turn manifests as great shifts in the outer world. Consider this: three Scorpio planets sit in your professional house squaring your Sun. Mars transits through the partnership angle opposing your Sun. while Uranus, Neptune and Chiron continue winding down in your Sign in the first house of individuality. Advice would be to not sit still both figuratively and spiritually. Get those energies moving. Use the force of the challenge to bestow upon yourself a new approach to life. Fixed signs are prone to dig in their heels and hold tightly to belief systems. The planets

encourage you to crack the glass ceiling of all that you have achieved up until now. Set new goals, be limitless and employ the Uranian energies to the fullest!

PISCES: February 19th to March 20th

Scorpio energies flood transformational light into your solar ninth house of the higher mind, travel (inwards and outwards) and endless new philosophical approaches to life. The Piscean journey can at times seem inordinately sensitive to those in your life. Some may wonder why the path of suffering seems so aligned with all you think about or do. But, it is that wonderful sensitivity which at times brings you to the depth of pain which is also your salvation…for you can transcend the veils of Maja and pull forth whatever it is your huge imagination requires in order to move on to another level of existence. Pisces individuals, beyond most others, understand that this life is continually dissolving all around us….that what occurred a moment ago is no more. What the Piscean soul must grasp (so keenly is it aware of past, present and future being intertwined) is that there is only this moment. We must drop the lamentation of our past or the tendency to create a far off dream of what is yet to be. There is only this moment…With the planets so beautifully aligned with your Sun, take time to explore topics such as spirituality or mysticism.

eliza de v is a spiritual counselor and teacher. Her unique photographic collages express her appreciation of the essence of beauty as shown on her website www.edevstudio.com For further information regarding classes, healings, New Moon and Full Moon gatherings, or a personal reading, you may contact her at wildessa@sbcglobal.net or 818-545-9242.