Preorder The Album And Recieve A Free Gift

Hi everyone,

Well, with my debut album, ‘Poet’, only a couple weeks away from a release I am sharing with you all the songlist!

Poet songlist:

1.  Ghost
2.  Porcelain Doll
3.  Free
4.  Run Away and Hide
5.  Ghost (NetherRealm/StarGuilders Remix)
6.  A Prayer 
7.  Black Forest
8.  Scarborough Fair
9.  Destiny’s Path
10. Ashes to Dust 
11. Warrior (Soldier for Myself)
12. Whispers

Remember you can preorder the album and recieve a free gift!  Preorder ‘Poet’ by sending $13 ($10 for CD and $3 for shipping) via PAYPAL to

I also hope alot of you can join me on my tour!  Alot of the concerts will be intimate ones, so you’ll get the show up close and personal and (at some venues) possibly have tea with me before the show or coffee after the show:D  We are also taping our show at The Art Center in Butler, PA on February 22 for the makings of a ‘Poet’ DVD.  We are also seeking ways to even broadcast that show live on the internet for those of you whose city/state/country I am unable to make it to this time around.

Speaking of taping, we are beginning work on the music videos!  We are beginning the storyboards for "Ashes to Dust" and getting ideas for "Scarborough Fair" and ‘Run Away and Hide."  We plan to begin shooting of the videos in late February/early March, so stay tuned for those!

There will also be collaborations with other artists either for my sophomore album or other side projects.  Look for a collaboration with myself, Chuck Owston, and his band, Bonfire Night.  We will be working on an Arthurian song entitled "Three Pale Queens" that will be a duet between Chuck and myself with Bonfire Night and Jason backing us up.  The song will be on a future Bonfire Night recording as well as a Celtic/Old English songs EP I plan to release (expect to Chuck’s mandolin playing on my version of ‘Greensleeves’ too:D)  I will also be making a few appearances on Jason English’s (my music collaborator and co producer) concept album he will be making upon the release of ‘Poet.’  There will also be remixes of two songs by Derek Pegritz (Nyarlathotep) and Josh Hartz (Debutante) for a remix EP we will also be releasing.  Also to be anticipated:  collaborations with singer/songwriter/vocal and piano instructor Penny Philips and Persephone’s Dream frontwoman, Heidi Engel.  All of these people or their bands are in my top friends, so check them out and add them:)  Penny’s music page is and she will be making her first release which will be a remix collaboration with a DJ.  I’m very blessed to be able to know and work with so many talented people who can help in my bringing my ideas, thoughts, and concepts to life:)

Also, look for my song, "Run Away and Hide" to appear on the Crawling Tunes Magazine compilation CD to go with their next issue.  It will be my second time in this mag.  Also look for tv appearances, more radio stations spinning my tracks, reviews of ‘Poet,’ some more magazine appearances, contests (both on my site and other sites), music videos, film releases, and hopefully more:)

This is really exciting for both Jason and myself and I am so grateful to the talented musicians and producers who helped me bring ‘Poet’ to life and the wonderful friends and fans who helped with their support and words of encouragement.  Thank you all and I hope to see some of you "on the road" 😀

Have a great evening!