Priceless Precepts Of Huzur Maharaj, Sant Rai Bahadur Shaligram Sahab

Priceless Sermons of Sant Rai Bahadur Shaligram Sahab or Huzur Maharaj, the Second Guru of radhaswami Sect of Santmat on Surat Shabd Yog (Yoga of Divine Sound):

[||Prem-patra Radhaswami, Jild 1, Wachan 43||]

– Taken from the book “Santwaani Sateek” (Commentary on Sayings of Sants) by Maharshi Mehi Paramhans ji Maharaj (April 1885 – June 1986) 

-Translated by Pravesh K. Singh

8 – If during meditation sound comes from the left side, the practitioner should try to shift his attention towards his upper side, and he should reduce (lessen) the pressure on the left ear or should not press the left ear at all, or should take the thumb out of the (left) ear. Then, he would find that, slowly and slowly the sound would appear to be coming from the above the centre of the two eyes. Then he should apply, or focus, his attention on that very sound.