Ram Dass & Dj Kriece “Cosmix” Review

Cosmix is a rhythmic, energizing album that merges timeless wisdom with modern sounds, chants, and world instruments. Ram Dass’ most relevant dialogue is mixed with moving, chilled back electronica perfect for yoga, meditation, or atmospheric entertainment. The music dominates without diminishing the power of Ram Dass’messages on tracks “Mantra,” “Stuck,” “The Game,” “Additya Hridayam,” and six others. The enhanced CD also contains a historic, heartwarming ten minute video excerpt from “The Last Dance,” Ram Dass’ final recorded conversation with his life-long friend, the late LSD guru, Timothy Leary, who encouraged Ram Dass to celebrate death as the next transitional stage on their journey. Ram Dass is a spiritual and cultural icon known for embracing and sharing Eastern teachings with the West. Famous for his lifelong friendship with the late LSD researcher Timothy Leary, Ram Dass’ path took him in another direction, to India where he embraced spiritual enlightenment with his guru Neem Karoli Baba. Inspired, he wrote the ground-breaking and noteworthy guidebook “Be Here Now,” over thirty years before Eckhart Tolle shared a similar message with the world.Offer respect for Ram Dass that he did not give up after his stroke; he has remained completely open to experience, and he is now embracing new technology and new music to reach more people than ever with his message… Ground-braking material, 5 stars, I HIGHLY recommend this album. AVAILABLE AT: Itunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and ANYWHERE else Cd’s or mp3 downloads are available.

– Mike