“Run Away And Hide” Video Completed

Hello everyone,

Yes, it has been a little while since I actually made a real blog post.  But, alot of productiveness has been going on here.

First, I want to say that the music video for the song "Run Away and Hide" is officially completed and edited!  Alisa Lawton (director of the video)  submitted the finished version for my and the DOP’s approval via email and I will be sending it to the makeup artist to get her ok.  Once it’s approved by all parties involved it will be presented to all you lovely people out there and will be appearing on various music tv and interent shows.  We will keep you posted on all that.

With the "Run Away and Hide" video completed, we are beginning work on a new video.  This one is for the song "Ghost (Persephone’s NetherRealm Remix)."  We will be working on this video with One Eyed View Studios in Massillion, OH.  We are in pre production working on the video’s synopsis and (with all the fun Halloween stores opening up) shopping around for costume pieces (which also may end up in future shows) for the video.  We will be updating you as we progress.

I have also been at work writing for the second album.  Jason is preparing to record his solo album.  We do have a few rough demos completed and I am completing a song on my keyboard.  We do plan to incorporate these songs into the show once they are ready and I plan to begin the recording process for my second album in the beginning of 2009.  We are, however, in the process of recording "Three Pale Queens" with Bonfire Night which will appear on my second album and Bonfire Night’s debut album.

Speaking of recording, I am set to appear on two more compilation CDs.  One is a CD featuring female artists/female fronted bands from the Pittsburgh area entitled ‘La Femme Electrique.’  Some of the other bands on the CD include Ayris, Surviving the Odyssey, Una de Luna, and more.  The songs I have featured on this CD are ‘Warrior (Soldier for Myself)’ off of my ‘Poet’ album and an unreleased accapella track entitled ‘Lost Little Girl.’  Some of you who came out to my shows may be familiar with ‘Lost Little Girl’ as I have included it in my shows numerous times.  But this will be the first time you can have the song on a recording.  The other comp CD is the Catz n Claws CD put out by the British music magazine, Fireworks Magazine.  The song ‘Ghost (Persephone’s NetherRealm Remix)’ will be featured on this one.  There will also be a brief interview in Fireworks Magazine with all bands involved on the Catz n Claws comp CD.

Another magazine (this one based in Florida) will be featuring a wonderful review on my album "Poet" in their October issue.  This magazine is Twisted Dreams Magazine.  Here is a sneak preview of their review on my album:

"Think of a forest and a well-used trail, shafts of light here and there penetrating the oncoming gloom…Tiffany Apan has a unique voice…a very unique voice that she uses to catapult her music beyond what other contemporaries have done."~Andrea, Twisted Dreams Magazine (Oct 2008 issue)

To view the rest of the review (and read about other cool bands, writers,etc), get your hands on a copy of the October issue of Twisted Dreams Magzine!  Visit their myspace (in my top friends) for more details.

 We’ve also got some great reviews from Metal Maidens Magazine in The Netherlands and StreetVoice UK Music Magazine in the United Kingdom!

We were in New Jersey for Monster Mania 11 this passed weekend.  We shared a booth with Troma Entertainment and the weekend was success.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by and bought a copy of the album.  Thanks to everyone who supported independant art through us and Troma!  We had the pleasure of sharing the table with indie filmmaker Pericles Lewnes (‘Redneck Zombies,’ ‘Loop’).  Jason also picked up the ‘Make Your Own Damn Movie’ boxed set for when he makes the film he’s planning to make.  It does have alot of valuable info including how to learn from the mistakes of others.  We look forward to many more Monster Manias:)  Pictures will be posted soon.

Also, we have a photo shoot tomorrow with Odd from Surviving the Odyssey.  So there will be more promo pics soon.  Also, a new website is being worked on by our friend, Mark Kapsha.

Well, I think that about covers everything for now.

Have a nice weekend,