Safe And Fun New Year!

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year!  2007 was a year of stepping stones for me and I am very much looking forward to 2008 and sharing my debut album and first touring stage show with all of you:)  ‘Poet’ is NOW beginning the digital mastering process!  I will have some down time during which we will be going over the stage show.  We may also be adding a few more shows onto the tour which will go from January to June.

That said, I am also happy to announce that you can now preorder my album, ‘Poet’ via the internet!  Right now, we only have a set up through Paypal, but we are setting up a store on Amazon and CDBaby as well.  The info is as follows:

The cost is $10.00+ $3.00 for shipping and handling.  Send the payment via paypal to   The album is due out between January 15-18 so reserve your copy today!

The music website, Indie Music Stop now has their interview with me up and available for public viewing!  Check it out at in their Indie Interviews section!

With the completion of ‘Poet,’ I will be at work on some new music projects and collaborations with other artists.  One project I will be working on is my Celtic EP on which there will be a collaboration with Chuck Owston and Bonfire Night.  The song is an Arthurian (King Arthur, Camelot, etc) piece entitled "Three Pale Queens."  I will also be releasing a remix EP  that will feature remixes off of ‘Poet’ and will also include an unreleased a’cappella piece that I wrote.  This will feature remixes by Jason and myself, and special guests Derek Pegritz of Nyarlathotep and Josh Hartz of Debutante.  Jason English, my music collaborator, will also be working on his solo concept album on which I will also make a couple appearances.  Of course, there is also my sophomore album for which we are still in the writing process.  But we are getting alot of talented people on board for it, so stay tuned:)

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful first day of 2008:)