Sex Is Good. Pleasure Is Good

For over 20 years Pala and Al have used their relationship as their spiritual practice and the primary form of that practice has been sacred sex (Tantric and Taoist). Tantra is a unique spiritual path because it insists that direct personal experience with the Divine, knowing that you are God/Goddess-Shiva/Shakti; merging ultimately with the Creator–enlightenment, is possible for any ordinary man and woman who have the courage to commit to each other, and undertake the effort to learn how to create love for a lifetime together.

On the Tantric spiritual path, you do not escape the body and the world. The body and ordinary reality are not your enemies, but rather your freedoms. In Tantra you use your body, mind, heart and soul, as well as the entire world known to you through your faculties of perceiving, feeling and thinking, as important, essential and necessary tools to help you remember who you really are, to remember your divine nature, to awaken and to realize enlightenment.

At Sexy Spiritual Relationships membership website we will help you learn how to create three important kinds of sex.

–    FRICTION sex in which bodies rub against each other with
pleasure, desire, delight, and passion.

–    ENERGY sex in which two hearts open to welcome and embrace giving
and receiving a sublime, warm, safe and caring love.

–    SOUL sex in which the boundaries that normally separate you from
each other dissolve completely, so that you cannot tell where one body ends and the other begins, and you find yourself wondering, "Whose orgasm was that anyway?" In soul sex, two merge to become one. This is sexual/spiritual ecstasy–the reuniting of sex and spirit, heaven and earth.

all good things,
Al and Pala

"Al and Pala teach couples how to have the best sex of their lives."
Discovery Channel – "The Sex Files"

Sex is good. Pleasure is good. It is almost guaranteed that if you are regularly giving and receiving pleasure and having great sex with someone you love, that you will be a happy person.

If you are going to be good at something, sex is a good thing to be good at. Why settle for being an average lover when with a bit of guidance, direction and learning, you could be a great one?

When couples get the sex right, most of the other problems they have to deal with become much more manageable. Most people can handle any stress as long as they are regularly receiving the nourishment of sensual and sexual touching.

Having orgasms, including multiple orgasms (men and women) is one of the best ways to feel good about yourself, to gain personal confidence, to give your immune system a super boost, to unlock your creativity, to know absolutely without a doubt that you are accepted, desired and wanted; that you belong in this world, to feel completely comfortable in your own skin, to be full of energy, passion and enthusiasm for living.

Find out how at Sexy Spiritual Relationships membership website launching July 7, 2008.
all good things,
Al and Pala

Al experienced enlightenment in January 2008, a culmination of almost 40 years of spiritual quest. It was transmitted into Pala within minutes. This is what we are naming Enlightenment for Two(TM).

Our relationship has been our spiritual practice for over 20 years that we have been together, and the primary form of that spiritual practice has been sacred sexuality (Tantric and Taoist). This is a unique spiritual path because two people can undertake the journey together, compared with most other spiritual practices that are done alone.

Sexy Spiritual Relationships
membership website is our primary vehicle through which we are reaching out to the world with the good news: Enlightenment for Two(TM) can be for you. We will do everything we can to share with you (accurately, simply, and with humility) the story of our spiritual quest, our illumination and realization of enlightenment. We will endeavor to share with you: 1) a description and discussion of what enlightenment is as well as our personal account of the experience; 2) any methods we used that we believe to have been significant in helping us to awaken; 3) suggest specific actions, practices and exercises by which you may awaken to your own experience of enlightenment.

all good things,
Al and Pala

Creating love that lasts a lifetime together is the gold in the Olympics of life. Relationship happiness is not that difficult to create. You do need to learn a few things, and perhaps unlearn a few other things, but of course you can do this–anyone who really wants to learn how to be in a relationship that satisfies through and through, and lasts a lifetime can do so.

What you need is a relationship tool box offering a selection of tools, practices, techniques and methods with which you will, together–in loving partnership, construct your relationship arc, a sanctuary, a solid foundation from which you can engage the outside world; feeling safe, secure and confident regardless of the challenges you face in your work, community, and extended family.

At our new Sexy Spiritual Relationships membership website you will find a necessary, complete and sufficient toolbox with which any couple can create love that lasts a lifetime together.

all good things,
Al and Pala