Show At The Blue Violet Cafe

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is well.  We played a really good show at the Blue Violet Cafe and thank you to those who supported us by being there.  We do plan to do a show there again in the future.

As for the links to the magazines that will be featuring an article (and how to obtain copies or see the articles starting in October) on the album, here they are:

Outcast Fanzine- issue (issue 7) is also being distributed in Greece at the following locations:

ATHENS – Topman, Black Dragon record store, Closer-Mad (Gazi), Black n Rose… more later in the month

PATRAS – Rock season, Musicstation, Punk, Rock and Roll record store, Cinema rock bar.

elsewhere – to be announced soon…

Visit their myspace to also see how you can order a copy:)

Twisted Dreams Magazine-  Watch their myspace blog on where it will be distributed.  I’ll also post info as I recieve it. 

Fireworks Magazine- This magazine comes with the Catz n Claws Compilation CD where a song off of my debut album ‘Poet’ will be along with an article on the album.

There will be some more so stay tuned.

The music video ‘Run Away and Hide’ is completed but was facing some minor technicalities.  Very minor though.  We will be getting it out to you all ASAP:)

Well, hope everyone had a nice weekend,