Shows Coming Up In October

Hello everyone,

Just another update:)  We have a couple shows coming up this month in October:

October 24, 2008 at 8pm-The Art Center for their Gallery of Horrors Costume Gala in Butler, PA.  We will be doing a Halloween themed show that will be a little different from what those of you who have been to our shows may have seen.  For more info visit the Concerts area on my myspace and/or The Art Center’s website:

October 25 at 8pm- Arabica Coffeehouse in Canton, OH.  We will be doing songs off of my debut album ‘Poet.’  There will be some use of props and costume pieces, but it will be broken down a little due to the venue.  For location info, see the Concerts section of my myspace and/or visit the website:

I have uploaded some photos from the 2008 Poet Tour as well as some other photos onto my Road Journal along with some new entries.  You can view it at the following link:

Thanks to Allan of ‘Bridging Heaven and Earth,’ I am getting back into the artform of painting, drawing, etc.  My oil pastel "Portal: Passageway to Heaven" will be featured in the Bridging Heaven and Earth International Art Gallery.  The original will be for sale on their website with 50% of the proceeds going to the Bridging Heaven and Earth Foundation.  While original will be for sale there, I plan to put this work and other artwork that I do onto shirts, mugs, cards, etc (to have things other than band/music merch).  In order to showcase some of my artwork, I have a page on Deviant Art.  An image of my oil pastel "Portal" is on there now and more artwork will be uploaded as I recently finished a couple other pieces.  You can view my artwork at the following link:

I will be posting a link to the original piece when it is up on the Bridging heaven and earth site.

There is more album availability:

Joseph-Beth Booksellers (Pittsburgh location)

The latest issue of Twisted Dreams Magazine is now available for public consumption.  They wrote a wonderful review on my debut album and there are poems, short stories, artwork, etc from other artists.  Support this fabulous magazine my visiting the following link:

The issue is available in download format as well as a paperback form.

Also, support the Baltimore Music scene by joining this forum:

Have a fabulous evening,