Some Exciting News

Hi everyone,

I have some exciting news:)  First, as many of you probably know I am collaborating with Chuck Owsten and Bonfire Night for the Arthurian Celtic Rock song, "Three Pale Queens."  In addition to that, I was approached by Trance music producer from Fresno, California, Der Mystik, to lend my vocals to a track for an album project he is making.  I just recieved the song and it is definatly different from what you guys have been hearing me do, but it is a very cool song and I’m really looking forward to working on it.  So you’ll be hearing me venture a little into the world of Trance/House/Electro music:)  To hear some samples of Der Mystik’s work, visit his myspace page at 

With my album’s release just around the corner (Tuesday:D), I am announcing my first ever contests for my friends and fans to win an autographed copy of my album, "Poet!"  There are two contests and both will be going on throughout the months of March.  For the first contest, if you are on my monthly newsletter (available on my myspace page and the homepage on my website), you are automatically entered to win.  For those not on my newsletter, you can do one of three things: either sign up for my newletter and you will automatically be entered in the contest (plus get monthly updates and other perks) or you can simply post a reply to this blog or send me a private message stating that you would like to be entered in the contest.  2 names will be drawn on April 1, 2008 and the winners will be contacted via email or pm and their names will be posted in my areas on the web.  Visit to join my newsletter:)

The second contest is being presented by the Femme Metal Webzine and Forums.  This contest in based on ‘audience participation’ on the Femme Metal forums.  As their Artist for the Month of March, I will be donating some merchandise (including an autographed copy of Poet) to the Femme Metal forum moderators.  Here are some details about this contest from the Femme Metal moderators:

"From January 1st 2008 Femme Metal Forum will be holding a competition for quality poster. QUALITY not QUANTITY. At the end of each week the person with the most quality posts/topics will be the winner and will recieve a Rosette in their signature. Then at the end of each Month the person who has the most quality posts/topics will recieve free band merchandise. The winner will be announced on the first of each Month."

To join this contest, visit the Femme Metal Forums at

The new issue of Twisted Dreams Magazine is now available.  They advertised my album and tour in their Musical Coffins section, so support this magazine:)  Visit them at

Finally, yes you read that correctly: a LIVE chat with me coming soon!  I am teaming up with the wonderful people at for this one.  The first Live chat with me will be held in the new chatrooms at with the first chat being held on March 31, 2008 at 8pm-9pm EST.  We are still getting this together, so I will post more info soon.  Karmacaffe also did a great interview with me which can still be seen at 

Thanks to everyone for their support and have a wonderful evening.