Spiritual Vacation

Soothe your soul with a spiritual vacation

For a spiritual vacation at a serene destination of your choice, you must ensure that nothing stops you from coming back healed. Here are a few pointers to help you get the maximum out of your spiritual retreat:

1. Ban mobile phones You are at a spiritual retreat because you want to disconnect with the outer world and connect with your inner world. So you must banish your mobile phone. Check SMSes once in a while so that in case of urgency people are able to reach you. But avoid taking or making calls.

2. Take a break from work Do not agree to reply to mails, attend conference calls or video conferences. Make it clear at your work place that you are unreachable for the duration of your leave.

3. Avoid the company of people you are having conflicts with If you and your spouse are going through a tough phase, do not take this vacation with him or her. Going alone will help you strike peace with yourself, analyse the cause of the conflict at length and enable you to come back with effective solutions for solving the conflict.

4. Soak in the beauty of nature No medicine can match the healing power of nature. So allow your senses to arrest the tranquil beauty that your surroundings have on offer.

5. Break all rules Do not try to do things by the book. Instead, listen to your heart’s whispers. If your heart itches to go for a walk early in the morning instead of doing Yoga, go for it. Indulge in yoga after that. As long as you do the right things right, when you do them and where you do them can be ignored.