The Kidneys And Adrenals

When the infusion or activation of the Kundalini reaches the kidneys and adrenals one can experience the sensation of an enlargement or swelling of the kidney in response. And sometimes an agitation or excessive energy from the adrenals. No worries!

They can become sore and sensitive to movement or touch. Sometimes it may feel as if there is a kidney stone present or renal calculus. Avoid caffeine now as this can have a painful effect upon both systems. If you are in an active stage of Kundalini and have no prior history with renal gravel you may attribute these sensations to the action of Kundalini upon the organs of the kidneys and the adrenal glands.

With an infusion, a hyperactivity of the organs can occur and inside of such an experience the hormones secreted by the adrenals for example can swarm into your body at an accelerated rate for no reason other than what the Kundalini agenda is dictating. Fear becomes amplified or irritations become larger and we can become snappy with our mates or co-workers or kids.

You may feel a rush of adrenaline and have the feeling of a flight or fight sensation or a fear that comes out of nowhere with its attendant heart rate increase, shortness of breath or cold sweat.

Everything you would have if confronting a wild animal about to rip you to shreds. And in some cases this can cause some panic attacks as the fears are accessed and amplified.

The fight or flee syndrome on speed.

So the adrenals will be hyper performing and even as it calms or you become used to it the increase in energy reserves will be for some quite noticeable. So will the drop in energy be noticeable when the functions return to a form of normalcy. Although they are forever changed.

Drink large amounts of water and eat as much watermelon as you can hold during these times. And afterwards too as the hydration levels need to be maintained for the beneficial changes will occur for many years. The kidneys filter and keep certain salts and compounds and elements from re-entering the bloodstream. They do this same action in other ways as well.

The actions of the kidneys can help you to filter through the fears and issues of the ego that can plague a person inside of the Kundalini infusion. They will filter and discard that which you and or the Kundalini no longer find useful to the process.

So use them this way. As you urinate feel the fears and disease leave your system. Allow the water to wash away those items that hold you bound to the reactive nature of what can be brought up from our vast experience of life on this world. What we have dreamed and experienced if it isn’t going to help you then wash it away and thank the kidneys for the favor and the bladder and the urethras but I will come to those at another time.

The adrenals give us the energy we need to survive “NOW”. There is no waiting! When the hyperactivity of the adrenals comes it is a prescient experience of what can be accessed inside a mature awakening and a channel for exercising the qualities of an energetic thrust into a supercharged scenario. A focused combination of chi and adrenachrome can be a very volatile plasma and only able to be used for a short time. Survival is paramount and a Kundalini infused adrenal system is there to mimic these natures for you inside the awakening as well.

Remember this isn’t foreign to the body or its organs. Only to the personality or ego is the Kundalini a foreign event. The body is geared for this to happen and initiates the changes by use of the double functions of its organs.

These are only some not all of what the kidneys and adrenals do inside the Kundalini. And only as I have experienced within my awakening. It may be something for your reference. – blessings.