Top 5 Ambient Artists Charts

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update with some news.

First, don’t forget our show tomorrow night at the Blue Violet Cafe in Rochester, PA.  The Blue Violet Cafe is located on Brighton and the show starts at 8pm and it is $4.00 at the door.  Of course, we will have copies of the album along with the Halloween Treats Special:)  For more info on location, see my concert schedule on the myspace page and or visit:

I am also happy to announce some recent chart placemets. once again had me in their top 5 Ambient Artists Charts.  Only this time instead of being at number 5 like the other times, I was bumped up to number 4.  The Persephone’s Netherrealm Remix of ‘Ghost’ peaked at number 3 on’s Ambient Music Charts.  One week into being entered into the playlists on Artistopia Radio, ‘Scarborough Fair’ was # 40 in their top 40 World Music Chart.  Hopefully the song will continue to climb:)

October will bring many new articles on the album ‘Poet.’  Check for an awesome review in Twisted Dreams Magazine, an article in Fireworks Magazine in the UK (plus the remix of ‘Ghost’ appearing on the magazine’s Catz n Claws comp CD), a nice review in the current issue of Outcast Fanzine in Greece as well as a couple others.

October will also bring more airplay.  I’m set to have music from my album played on a MySpace Podcast on October 6 and on Rough Edge Radio’s Podshow on October 1.

I will post the links to the podshows and magazines (and how to obtain them) tomorrow morning.  Now, I’m going to take a nap and get things ready for tomorrow’s show.  With recovering from being sick and having to catch up on everything, I’m pretty tired right now:)

Take care,