Vegging Out! The Vegan Transition

Thanks to reading the articles and posts of James Bean (Co-host with Chandi Devi of KarmaCaffe. com’s Spiritual Hour on Blog Talk Radio), Mike Adams of Natural, Dr. Mercola of, the Global College of Natural Medicine, Hippocrates Health Institute and the support and encouragement of my girlfriend Christine, I have fully converted to a vegan lifestyle! Finally free of another thing I so desperately wanted to let go.

Interestingly enough, I tested the strength of my 173 pound body yesterday (Thurs. June 12th) after not consuming any eggs, milk or ANY meat watesoever; including fish for some time.

After two years without eating mammals, several months without weight-lifting, and one month without fish (salmon) I was pleased to be able to bench-press 225lbs at 6 repetitions and squat 315lbs at 9 reps for 1 set each.

I felt like I could have done much more but was very hungry and wanted to go home and eat following the 1 hour Kickboxing session I completed 5 minutes earlier!

I am feeling healthier and more alive than ever. I will keep you posted on how the vegan life is treating me. I don’t see any reason to backslide from this decision.  This is a monumental step in my goals to be the change…