Crack The Top 10

Hello everyone,

I received some really nice news from the folks at SongVault.  First, "Ghost" managed to crack the top 10 in the Adult Contemporary Charts peaking at number 5 and remaining in the top 10 for a little over a month.  "Ashes to Dust" cracked the top 10 in their Alternative/Goth Charts also remaining there for about a month.  "Scarborough Fair" cracked the top 20 (number 19) on their World Music Charts.  But that’s not all:)  "Ghost" and "Ashes to Dust" have both been ‘promoted’ to their next tiered station, SongVault Showcase due to their high placements on the charts.  This means that both songs are only two tiers away from being placed in the SongVault Directory and having permanent placement on the SongVault Radio network!  You can visit and vote for my songs as well as check out some other bands and songs.  Cool stuff:)  Hopefully "Scarborough Fair" will make it in there too:)  Though, "Scarborough Fair" has remained in Radio Artistopia’s Top 10 in their World Music Charts for about 4 months!

I also received an email from CDBaby stating that they have officially sold out of their copies of "Poet"!  Time to ship more copies pronto:)

In conjunction with the 2009 Tour, I now have a Demand It Widget from at the bottom of  my myspace page.  One of my favorite things to do is play shows and tour and we like to know where our fans are:)  So that we may plan this tour as well as future tours, we would love it if you would click on the Demand It widget and let us know you would like a show in your city and state.  We want to continue bringing you new songs as well as the old ones:)

I am currently sitting in 4th place on the Battle of Bands.  Continue the votes:)

Well, that’s all for now folks.