La Femme Electrique Cd

Hey all,

Just a quickie update:

First, we have new merch!  I now have new buttons courtesy of decayingyouth.  The La Femme Electrique CD is now officially released with the exclusive track, "Lost Little Girl" and a slightly different version of my song "Warrior."  I will be making pay buttons for them until they are available in my new webstore on my new upcoming website.  Of course, they will also be available at shows.  Some have inquired about shirts and that is the next thing we are working on:)

I now have footage of the performance of our set at the La Femme Electrique concert at Club Cafe that took place just a week ago on my YouTube Channel as well as two vlogs.  Check them out at

The vlogs are also available on my road journal: which will be linked to my new website.

Also, "Scarborough Fair" was be played on the Celtic Myth Podshow straight out of London, England on January 10.  The following is a message from Gary of Celtic Myth Podshow with the info:
"Just a quick note to let you know that Scarborough Fair is available on the New Year  Music Special, (SP08) which is available to all the subscribers to our show as well as online at . To go along with the Show, there is a page in the Shownotes section at ."
You can view my Celtic Myth Podshow page at the following link:
A big thank you to Gary and the rest of the gang at the Celtic Myth Podshow:)  You can still listen to the show in the show’s archives.

For those of you on the mailing list, the January newsletter will be coming within a couple days.  We’ve had some minor computer issues.

Well, that’s all for now but more to come:)