Our First Release On A Record Label

Hello everyone,

After a VERY intense Super Bowl game, we’re coming at you all with some news:)

One month into 2009, we were notified that we will have our first release on a record label!  "Ghost" has been selected to appear on a compilation CD to be released on a label.  This will mark the fourth compilation CD to include a song off of "Poet."  More info coming soon as I recieve it.

To go with my upcoming Behind the Scenes show, I have some new entries and photos in my road journal of the latter part of our 2008 tour, more studio photos, and photos from a recent trip to Orlando, FL and Amelia Island over Thanksgiving 2008.  My road journal will be linked to my new website when it is up, but you can also visit the journal at


We are also shooting the second music video to follow up the "Run Away and Hide" music video.  The next music video we are shooting for is "Ashes to Dust."  We are shooting with Zane Hershberger and we got some really neat outdoor shots.  We will be shooting some indoor scenes this weekend and hope to have completed the video for "Ashes to Dust" by the end of February. Music videos and live videos can also be seen at:

IndiMusic TV/ WLNY TV (TV and internet station based out of New York…although voting is over, you can still add the video into the top 10 for the next season)

Music Corner TV

The Jay Rossi Project (Cleveland based TV show)

Other places to see videos are at DailyMotion, Spike, Metacafe, MySpace, and Karmacaffe.

We do have a show this month at another Borders.  It is an in store performance and the album is available in the store.  The info is below:

Borders Bookstore at Northway Mall
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
cost: n/a
Feb 13, 2009

More dates in my Concerts section on my myspace and we securing a few more dates so stay tuned:)

On top of being informed of "Ghost" being included on a record label release, we were also informed by the wonderful Ray Dorsey of RaysRealm that my debut album "Poet" was in the RaysRealm Top 10 albums of 2008!  The album was #9 and here is what he had to say about it:

"Having noted the relative shortage of quality Celtic folk releases over the last year or so, it was an absolute pleasure to have this disc come sliding out of the mailbox and into my player. Simply put, TIFFANY has one of those special voices that not only makes a song but completely owns it. Her ability to write top-level songs and then to mold & shape them with a voice like gold is wonderful. Songs like “Ashes To Dust” & “Warrior (Soldier For Myself)” are other-worldly in their depth & soul and Jason English’s sometimes heavy guitar work adds a surprising & welcome edge."

Please check out Ray’s Top 10 as well as his other music reviews and interviews at:

Thank you very much, Ray!

I’m also happy to say that although I didn’t win the IndieShows.net Battle of Bands, I did place 3rd (out of 5).  Thank you to all who voted and keep it coming…

Keep it coming to SongVault.fm:)  "Ghost" and "Ashes to Dust" made it from the SongVault Audtions into the SongVault Showcase.  The two songs immediatly made it into the top 40 on the Showcase Charts but need help and votes getting to a high place on the charts so they can make it into the SongVault.fm Finals Charts and then recieve a permanent place in the SongVault.fm directory for their internet radio station.  "Scarborough Fair" sits at number 23 and also needs help getting into the Showcase with "Ghost" and "Ashes to Dust."  You do need to have an account on SongVault.fm to to vote, but it’s free and you can listen to great indie music of all genres and vote for your favorites:)  Visit my SongVault.fm link:


I was also notified by Famecast.com that my live video have been entered into their February contest.  My live video of "Ghost" being performed at Club Cafe on December 28. 2008 has been entered in both the Rock and Pop categories.  Please help the video into the top 25 in one or both categories.  Visit http://www.famecast.com/tiffanyapan and click on the two links in the COMPETING IN category.  There is only a week to get it into the top 25 and onto the next round:)

Finally, another nice thing:  in addition to selling out of "Poet" on CDBaby, Borders in Monroeville, PA had also sold out of their copies of the album!  We did bring them more copies, so the album can still be purchased there.

Thank you to everyone (you all are awesome)!