Spotlight Artist Featured Article

Hi everyone,

First I wanted to inform everyone that Amy of the website Collected Sounds did a Spotlight Artist featured article:)  You can check it out at the following link:

Spotlight on: Tiffany Apan

You can also check out some of the other great Spotlight Artists and the rest of the website.  It is a great music site and worth checking out.

I also wanted to thank those who came out to our in store performance at Borders in Northway Mall.  We really had a great crowd.  Unfortunatly, the store’s PA system died shortly after our set began.  We were able to do a couple more songs without the PA but were unable to do the whole show.  We have rescheduled this performance for April 3.  More info is in the show section on my myspace music page.

We are also setting up an in store performance at Hot Topic.  More info on that coming very soon.

Hope everyone has a great weekend,


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