Three New Photos

Hello all,

Just a quick update:
I posted three new photos as a sort of preview for the upcoming new website.  The photos were taken by Jenn Transue who served as DOP on my "Run Away and Hide" music video (you may recognize the photos as scenes from the video).  More of these photos will be seen on my new website as well as photos from a shoot I did with Odd.  There will be familiar photos as well as fresh, new ones.  Take a gander at the Jenn Transue photos in my Photo Shoots album and see what kind of stuff you’ll find on the new website.  You can also visit the ‘preview’ of the new website at the following link:
We are also making progress on the "Ashes to Dust" music video, the SECOND music video:)  We are working on this with talented filmmaker, Zane Hershberger.  We only have one more outdoor shot to get and we will be working on the indoor scenes for the video.  We’ve got some really great shots and I’m excited to see how the video turns out. 
As it will already be a year (already) at the end of February since the release of my debut album "Poet," I am beginning production on my second album.  We are in the writing phase of the album and have rough demos for songs entitled ‘Earth,’ ‘The Journey (City of Gold),’ ‘Heaven,’ and ‘Antarctica.’  We plan to begin production in March.  Rowen Poole (of Persephone’s Dream) will be producing the album and we will be recording at StarGlider Studios in Gibsonia, PA.  I’m very much looking forward to the artistic direction in which this album will take.
I also have a new Vlog up on YouTube which will also be on my RoadJournal momentarily.  Swing over to my YouTube page and have a look as I come to you from my Poets Labyrinth office:D  I also have up some of my own personal picks from some of my favorite artists:)
Finally, we are securing some more tour dates.  One in New York City and the  other very close to my hometown where I grew up (Wilkes Barre, PA).  Stay tuned:)

That’s all for now,