The Power of Sexual Energy: Channeling It for a Happier Life

Do You Feel Without Energy and Purpose?

Do you identify with any of these situations?

  • Lack of energy
  • Lack of ambition and decision to accomplish your goals
  • You cannot find the purpose or meaning of your life
  • You feel lethargic, down and depressed

It is bad, yet, it’s not as strange as you think. In a world where most people are not aware about the magnificent power of sexual energy, it’s quite normal.

Nowadays people, as a result of our modern societies and lifestyle, tend to waste their sexual energy instead of channeling it, in order to convert it into creative and powerful energy you can use to pursue your dreams and actually accomplish them.

I know it’s a lengthy introduction, but in this article you are going to learn two precise things:

  1. What’s behind sexual energy
  2. How to convert it into spiritual and creative energy

What’s Behind Sexual Energy?

Many societies have been, and still are, fascinated with sexual energy.

From Taoists to esoteric circles, all of them know about the great power of this type of energy that when used correctly can yield amazing results in your life.

Esoteric groups practice this conversion of sexual energy in the form of “Sex Magic”. A practice that can be linked to alchemy in Jungian psychology. Both agree that we can transform this sexual energy into creative energy.

Then we have the Yogic perspective, which considers that our sexual energy will remain asleep till we awake it in highest state known as Kundalini.

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The Kabbalah has a very interesting point of view: It considers sexual energy as the deepest and most powerful spiritual expression.

And if you need any further proof, then you should know that many geniuses in our history have been practitioners of this conversion. Here you have a list of them:

  1. Leonardo Da Vinci
  2. Nikola Tesla
  3. Beethoven
  4. Dante Alighieri
  5. Richard Wagner

And if you investigate further, you will discover how a brand of fascism is closely tied to this type of practices. Let’s call it fascist occultism just to give it a term. This group has adapted several elements from Lamaism, from which we can extract the following:

  1. A Buddhist warrior ethic
  2. The fusion of political and religious power
  3. Techniques for altering and manipulating consciousness
  4. A magical view of the world and history
  5. Sexual magic practices used for converting sexual energy into creative energy.

And if we dig deeper, we will find even more interesting things… but that’s not the focus of this article. But for a later publication, we can discuss this topic further if necessary.

Understanding Its Core:

We can define sex as the driving force of nature, because in fact, our sole purpose on this Earth is to procreate. If we cannot procreate, then on the eyes of biology, we have failed.

We can also refer to it as the power of creation. It is what creates life, and hence, can be used for creating many others things other than procreating.

As we have seen many societies and communities have been interested in the matter, because when used correctly, it can help to reach higher states of consciousness, obtain more inspiration and find the elements to create truly amazing things.

Now that you have understood its core and how many societies and groups have a strong interested on it, let’s see how you can transform it.

How to Transform It into Creative Genius?

First off, we must make sure that our hormonal balance is alright.

If you have a low libido, low testosterone levels and similar problems, then you may need to do some extra work at improving your diet. And a good product like Spanish Fly can bring plenty of help regarding this issue. But again, this will be a matter of discussion for another publication.

Stop Wasting Your Seed:

If you can, you should really give David Deida’s book a read: The Art of the Superior Man. There, in the Part Seventitled as Body Practices – he talks about the importance of stop wasting your seed, which means not ejaculating too often. Instead, you should “ejaculate up the spine”, which is a very interesting concept.

This concept tells you the following: In order to ejaculate up the spine, you need to contract your pelvic floor near the genitals, and redirect all of this energy upward along the spine.

Yet, the act of sex must be linked to strong feelings of love and passion. Without these, the results won’t be the same.

This type of technique is hard to master, yet if you want to experience “dry orgasms” which are pretty much the same thing as normal orgasms, but without wasting your seed, then you should learn how to contract your pelvic floor in order to control your ejaculations at will.

This will allow you to convert your sexual energy into creative energy.


Controlling your ejaculation during sex is a good way to accomplish this goal, but abstinence is another way to use your sexual energy into creating amazing things in your life.

It’s simple: Practice abstinence for periods that require plenty of focus, creativity and energy. It’s easier than controlling your ejaculations and is very useful in fact.

Final Words and Putting It All Together:

We have reviewed many interesting things about sexual energy. We have understood what’s behind it, the societies and groups that were (and still are) interested in it and how you can transform it into creative genius.